Sun 24 Nov 2019

Budget-Related Proposals

Matthew Cropp Public Seen by 212

This thread is a catch-all space for proposals that involve the approval of financial expenditures by social.coop's membership.


Matthew Cropp started a proposal Sun 24 Nov 2019

Appoint Nick Stokoe and Nick Sellen as Tech Co-Leads for a Six Month Term Closed Sat 30 Nov 2019

This proposal has passed a vote of the Tech Working Group, and so is moving to the full co-op membership for ratification, as it involves expenditure of funds. Social.coop's current financial resources, both in terms of cash on hand and current expected annual income can be viewed on Open Collective here.

Project Budget: $1,500 over a 6 month period following the passage of this proposal.

Proposal: Appoint Nick Stokoe and Nick Sellen as "Co-Tech Leads" for a six month period. They will be responsible for doing upgrades on at least a monthly basis as needed, fleshing out documentation, and engaging interested tech working group volunteers to increase the number of folks with working knowledge of the technical systems that underlay social.coop. For this work, they will each receive a monthly payment of $125. In the final month of their 6 month mandate, they will convene a call of the Tech Working Group to review how the arrangement has worked and to develop a proposal for a structure for the next six month period.

Agree - 18
Abstain - 3
Disagree - 0
Block - 0
15 people have voted (15%)

Matthew Cropp
Sun 24 Nov 2019

Glad that they are willing to take this on!


Sun 24 Nov 2019

Great :) Go for it, Nick x2


Luke Flegg
Sun 24 Nov 2019

Sounds great, but I'm currently much less active in this group than others so want to minimize my influence in this one


Antoine-Frédéric Raquin
Mon 25 Nov 2019

This looks like a good decision, but I'm slowly getting back into the coop, so I can't really push for a decision or another.


Clayton (clayton@social.coop)
Mon 25 Nov 2019

Much appreciation to the Nicks for caring for the infrastructure we all rely on to maintain this online community. :)


Johannes Ernst
Tue 26 Nov 2019

Seems underpaid :-)


Fri 29 Nov 2019

Think this is a a good development..


Martin Kennedy
Fri 29 Nov 2019

I am voting "agree" despite my lack of presence; I'm of the opinion that establishing a sustained tech baseline is a good idea in all circumstances.


Jeremy Rose Sun 24 Nov 2019

Excited to have some folks directly responsible for regular upgrades! Seems like a great use of our funds.


JohnKuti Fri 29 Nov 2019

Is there a comment from the two Nicks themselves about this? I was sort of expecting something directly from them.


Nick S Mon 2 Dec 2019

Hi - @JohnKuti , sorry I think Nick and I have gotten out of the habit of checking Loomio regularly. It's been quiet here of late! I have information overload, too many things to check and read...

Speaking for myself, I want social.coop to keep running, and aspire to help with that, but I'm finding it hard to find the time and motivation in the face of my other paid and volunteer commitments.

Having Nick Sellen on board helps with the morale side. The money isn't by itself a motivation for me, it doesn't free me from the need to work elsewhere, and it's my time which is scarce.


JohnKuti Wed 4 Dec 2019

Thanks for your response Nick. And I wish you great success in all your projects!


Nathan Schneider Sat 30 Nov 2019

I was too late to vote, but I'm all for it. I definitely think we need to devote resources to the technical stack and maintenance. @Nick S @Nick Sellen maybe someday we'll get a Matrix instance!


freescholar Fri 20 Dec 2019

ACK!!! I need to check Loomio more often too....🐢