Tue 8 Sep 2015


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Hey everybody!

I need help answering these queries for two students exhibiting next month.

1 What are the walls actually made of
2 The small clip on lights that are clipped to the lighting rails - How do these work? Are we able to get more if need be?
3 How long is the ‘STILL’ lighting exhibition going to be on display for? We were looking into getting some neon signage for our exhibition to place in this main window

Could I also please get a floor plan of the space when you are free?


Kowhai Wheeler Tue 8 Sep 2015

The one that Murdoch did, is this useful?


[deactivated account] Tue 8 Sep 2015

@lucywheeler thanks mate, but they want something more detailed like measurements! If it's not possible that's okay I'll just tell them


Murdoch Wed 9 Sep 2015

We don't have measurements, I don't think.

Walls a gib board I think.

Clip on lights work via an extension cord at the far right end of the remaining wooden wall. If they can supply more that is fine, but I have no idea how to put more in.

STILL is permanent it seems as it helps fulfill the landlords desire for a cleaner/artsier looking space. Perhaps they could work around it?