Sun 13 Sep

Q4 quarterly project 2020 ideas

Gareth L Public Seen by 42

It's that time again. The Q3 project of cycle infrastructure will end in early October. Please share your suggestions and ideas for the Q4 project.

Good ideas often include those with an underutilised, suitably licensed, data set.

Ideas have been listed in the wiki page for this, but do not feel limited to it. https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Talk:UK_Quarterly_Project


lakedistrict Sun 13 Sep

  1. EV charging points - has been suggested before and already on the ideas list.

  2. Heritage features such as listed buildings and heritage plaques?


Cj Malone Wed 16 Sep

Defibs could be a good one, they have a clear benefit to communities, and have the potential to get some attention from outside the OSM community. Robert Whittaker already has some tooling for surveying them, and we could create a tool to make adding them easier for none OSM experts.


Robert Whittaker Fri 18 Sep

I've recently been having a play with the Retail Points dataset from Geolytix. (Now available under a licence equivalent to the OGL.) It provides locations and addresses for supermarket and other food outlet chains in the UK. No maps yet, but iv'e got some tables of OSM comparisons and discrepancies up at https://osm.mathmos.net/chains/ . "Brands" might make a good QP. We could work on: getting more of the Retail Points chains mapped (a missing branch of a chain often indicates other things nearby need mapping), getting more brand:wikidata and store website tags added, generally improving the consistency of how branches are mapped, and also on improving the Name Suggestion Index (the think that powers the iD brand suggestions). With a bit of momentum, we might also be able to use the project to help persuade other chains to release their branch data to us to help further improve the map.


Cj Malone Fri 18 Sep

An issue with OGL is that there may be other copyright on the data, and if so it overrides the OGLv3. Does the equivalent license from Geolytix also have that issue? I've done similar things using data scraped from individual store finders when I was trying to update Retail chains in the United Kingdom, but I was careful to just improve the existing OSM tagging (eg adding brand:wikidata) or adding stores I could see via Mapillary, not using the data as a source to add new things.

But I agree that this is a good one, and the arm chair aspect of cleaning up brand tags could be perfect through the winter.