Sun 1 Feb 2015

Ideas for documentation

Presley Public Seen by 286

I just started using Loomio recently and there were some questions I had that weren't answered on the help page. I thought I'd mention them, and maybe other newcomers can add. I think I know the answers to all of these now, I just thought they'd be helpful for developing documentation.

  • is everything undoable? When I first started my group I wanted to mess around to see how things worked, but I know Trello boards can't be deleted and I didn't want to make too much of a mess if Loomio was similar.
  • the difference between notifications and inbox
  • the relationship between discussions and proposals: what happens when i start a second proposal, does it spin off a new discussion, coexist with an old proposal, replace the old proposal?
  • what happens if I publish an outcome?
  • can a closed proposal be reopened?
  • what can I do through email? (more than I expected!)

Richard D. Bartlett Sun 1 Feb 2015

Thanks so much for starting this @presley - I agree it would be great to hear from other newcomers too.

@hannahsalmon is compiling the new Help page now - which will be the first time we have comprehensive documentation of all the features. That won't necessarily do a good job of answering questions like this though - I wonder if we should have a supplementary FAQ-style section too?


Denjello Mon 2 Feb 2015

  • What is an admin and how do I become one?

Hannah Salmon Mon 2 Feb 2015

@richarddbartlett, there is an FAQ section. Totally up for suggestions as to what else should go in there