Sun 15 May 2016

What happens next?

Cam Findlay Public Seen by 281

Hi all,

It's the 16th May, so we will now be happy to review any pull requests you might like to make. Keep in mind, we are still working through some of the wording still and should have this closer to a first revision by the end of this week (doesn't help I was ill for a couple of days last week!).

After this we:

  • Get a final legal review over the full document
  • We start the Government agency consultation process to get feedback (a Cabinet 100 process).
  • Goes to the LINZ Minister for comment.
  • NZGOAL-SE formally goes to cabinet.

I'll update on progress here as we go.

Thanks again for all the great input and patience while we work through the process. :nz:


Cam Findlay Mon 16 May 2016

Also, once we have the first revision finalised, we'll "release tag" it on GitHub as 0.2.0 to indicate we're finished at our end (we tagged the original draft as 0.1.0 before starting to aid in comparison).