Thu 14 Jan

Launch announcement - Intentional Society

James Baker Public Seen by 85

Hello friends! Thought I'd share that I'm putting my microsolidarity training to good use in the design of a new virtual community I've launched at https://www.intentionalsociety.org! This is the passion project I was noodling on last year, and I'm excited to finally do it for real.

It's roughly a "club for people who want to grow" with some big and small dreams, focusing on crews doing relational practices together within a larger congregational container. The clear modeling and vocabulary from @Richard D. Bartlett and @Natalia Lombardo on the fractal layers of belonging have come in handy as my initial group has come together, and I'm feeling good about our foundation of organizational self-awareness. You're welcome to check it out, we're running regular informational sessions including this upcoming Sunday the 17th.

馃憢 to everyone I've met here; hope you're doing well and best wishes to you and whatever communities you are gracing with your energy!


Richard D. Bartlett Thu 14 Jan

Looks awesome James, congratulations on the launch. I will love to hear occasional updates about your progress!


Anna-Marie Swan Wed 3 Feb

How brilliant! Hope it flourishes under your care and attention.