Scoop Launches Crowd Funding Campaign - We Need Your Help

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Gidday everybody.

Today's Big News

Scoop has today launched a crowd funding campaign to raise the funds to transform the Scoop.co.nz publishing company into a not-for-profit news organisation held for the public of New Zealand.

"At Scoop we believe that access to independent news and investigative journalism is a public right that is essential for democracy to thrive. But it is a public right that is eroding. Digital technology now enables a business model to be developed that makes news freely accessible to all citizens, and in which the news apparatus itself can be transparent. Creating this new kind of news organisation is what "Operation Chrysalis" is all about. We are taking a bold step to preserve the public right to access news."

The campaign is being run on NZ's Pledgeme.co.nz crowd funding platform here :
>> Help Scoop.co.nz To Fly In 2015 <<

The launch of this campaign is a significant milestone in the Scoop story and we would very much appreciate your assistance over the next six weeks to promote it.

What we would like you to do:
- Pledge (every dollar counts towards the total and if we get some early momentum we should do better);
- Socialise (please inform your own networks about our campaign by email or by posting links to the campaign in your Facebook newsfeed & on twitter - below you will find some sample posts for you to paste into Facebook or Twitter );
- Blog or write about the campaign, or write to a blogger or news organisation about the campaign suggesting they blog about it.

A example Facebook Post

News by the people, for the people, for New Zealand.
Scoop.co.nz New Zealand's leading independent online news source (est. 1999) is running a crowd-funding campaign and I am supporting it and I encourage you to support it to. The campaign is raising funds to assist Scoop to transform from a private company into a not-for-profit news organisation held for the benefit of all NZers.

An example tweet

I support Scoop.co.nz's Pledgeme campaign to build a new kind of news service fit for the 21st Century >> https://www.pledgeme.co.nz/projects/3215-help-scoop-co-nz-to-fly-in-2015

Please feel free to email me any suggestions or ideas or post them on the board here.

Shareable Images Needed
You can download a suitable shareable image here -->

and Pledgeme has made another one here --> http://img.scoop.co.nz/stories/images/1502/a9d8a79ae456208944b0.jpeg

But more are needed. If you make one please email to chrysalis@scoop.co.nz or editor@scoop.co.nz



Alastair Thompson Thu 26 Feb 2015

Hi everybody. After 8 days of stellar performance the Scoop Crowd-funding campaign seems to need a bit of a push.

Please :

Email friends and family.

Post links to Twitter and Facebook.

And anything else you think useful.



paulransfield Fri 27 Feb 2015

over the next 30 days ...

excluding commercially sensitive information ...

what new news regarding the pledgeme campaign is scheduled for the release pipeline ...

specifically, what gray areas in the offer ...

can be colored in ...

by, but not limited to the support group ...

so as to create some new news ...

to push out requests to pledge ... via f2f, twitter etc

so as to pull pledges in ...

[btw i'm offline for the weekend - in taumaranui]