October 11th, 2018 09:05

Transport for London are building a detailed Cycle Infrastructure Database

Jez Nicholson (Director)
Jez Nicholson (Director) Public Seen by 284

TfL have hired T-Kartor to do detailed surveying for a Cycle Infrastructure Database http://www.t-kartor.com/2016/09/27/6657/ that page mentions OSM and an ODI tweets references 'releasing' the database. We should/could talk to them about hooking up.

RobJN (Director)

RobJN (Director) October 11th, 2018 18:14

Sounds great. I found the tweet and cc'd it to the OSM London twitter group plus @harrywood. Given that it is ground survey collected data (they learned from the pros :-P) I', hopeful that this is high quality data.

@jeznicholson : Have you tried to contact them yet?

Jez Nicholson (Director)

Jez Nicholson (Director) October 14th, 2018 16:46

No, not attempted contact, just getting it on here so that it is on the radar.

Gregory Marler (former Director)

Gregory Marler (former Director) October 18th, 2018 12:33

Rob, can you provide a link to the tweet?

The latest on the website about London is from 2017.

RobJN (Director)

RobJN (Director) November 15th, 2018 18:07

Hi all. TfL have now reached out to us about this cycle project. We are looking to find a time to meet them before December to discuss the publication of the data and how to use it for OSM. Anyone wishing to join should share their availability either here or via board@osmuk.org. thanks.

Cc @gravitystorm @harrywood @richardfairhurst

RobJN (Director)

RobJN (Director) November 18th, 2018 21:50

I found the following page also about the project.

17 months, 7days a week, 30+ surveyors

Wow, big project!

Gregory Marler (former Director)

Gregory Marler (former Director) November 19th, 2018 15:59

17 months, 7days a week, 30+ surveyors
Wow, big project!

Yep. It's good to remember how much time is required for mapping. Time=Money. OpenStreetMappers=Valuable.

RobJN (Director)

RobJN (Director) November 21st, 2018 20:49

Update: We have agreed a time to meet (11:30 on 29th November). 3 or 4 members from across the OSM community will attend in person.

RobJN (Director)

RobJN (Director) December 18th, 2018 00:28

Hi all. Just realised I failed to add an update here. So, we met TfL. They have surveyed every piece of cycling infrastructure in London - down to the position of individual painted cycle symbols on roads - and amassed a database of 240,000 objects. The research took 30 surveyors one year in total and covered every part of London. Each object is documented with two photos.

They intend to release this as open data and are keen that it can be incorporated in OpenStreetMap, for use in routing, cartography and analysis.

We're now looking at a sample dataset with the intention that the full dataset can be released in the near future.

The high level of existing cycle mapping in OSM means that an automated import would be neither practicable nor desirable, but the data will be very suitable for manual conflation (possibly with automated "suggestions" as per previous conflation work) and as prompts for on-the-ground survey.

We made TfL aware of the need to ensure the conflation is done carefully. Waiting to hear their views. It may just be that they leave it to us to add to OSM, but we also noted that we can train some of their staff if they want to become OSMers too :-)

RobJN (Director)

RobJN (Director) February 6th, 2019 22:11

I sent a follow up email to TfL this week as things have gone quiet. No response yet. Fingers crossed that this isn't a sign of problems to come.

RobJN (Director)

RobJN (Director) February 17th, 2019 13:04

Hi all. TfL have now posted a mini consultation on their tech forum. This includes a view of the data and the database schema (Excel file). They are particularly interested in which data should be exposed in their Unified API.


Martin Lucas-Smith

Martin Lucas-Smith June 5th, 2019 19:58

Things are moving on with this. The following message has been cross-posted from
https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk-gb/2019-May/022893.html :

Transport for London (TfL) have created a new database of cycling infrastructure, containing 240,000 assets, covering all of Greater London.

This groundbreaking database contains every cycle infrastructure asset within Greater London, including assets on and off-carriageway. The assets surveyed are: cycle parking; signals; signage; traffic calming measures; restricted points (e.g. steps); advanced stop lines; crossings; cycle lanes/tracks; and restricted routes (e.g. pedestrian only routes).

TfL is keen to make this available to the OpenStreetMap community under a compatible open license, to ensure maximum use of the CID. TfL is also potentially willing to consider tool development to help facilitate sensitive merging in of this data.

There is a new Wiki page, giving full details, at:

Demonstrator map:

A demonstrator map, for the purposes only of evaluation by the OSM community at this stage, has been created by CycleStreets.

This demonstrator map contains only one of the 25 areas that have been surveyed.

We are specifically seeking comments on data quality and usefulness of this data from the OSM community. Initial analysis by CycleStreets is that the data is of excellent quality, and very suitable for conflation into OSM, to increase both comprehensiveness and metadata quality.

(Use the controls on the right to change feature type.)

Usage notes: The controls on the right of the map allow the different feature types to be selected. The OSM layer (available at zoom level 19+) also provides a live feed from the OSM API, to enable quick comparisons. The two photos of each asset are in the process of being supplied; those already available and cleared in GDPR terms are included in the popup.

It is stressed that at this point, no permission is given for re-use of the data in any way, but TfL strongly intends to make this available in future. All 25 areas would be covered in the final data release, not merely the one shown currently in the demonstrator map.

Feedback is very strongly encouraged, as soon as possible. What are people's thoughts?

RobJN (Director)

RobJN (Director) June 6th, 2019 22:24

Thanks Martin. For some odd reason when I clicked into here I found a fully written draft linking to your message but I had failed to click "post". Ah well - better late than never.

Can I ask: how are you getting on with the project? Have you received much feedback?