Wed 6 May 2020 3:31PM

an Invitation: Making Microsolidarity in Maastricht, NL

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Hey all 👋,

Coming in HOT with an updated description!

I'll be hosting a participatory presentation to dig into the process and lived experiences of building a new mutual aid community in Maastricht, NL. Since February 2020 a growing amount of friends and I have been weaving ourselves to support each other more intimately and frequently in doing emotionally and financially fulfilling work. This is a moment for us to open the curtains and show what's happening – out loud!

@Nati Lombardo, @Richard D. Bartlett my partner @Beatriz Fonseca, and a few folks from our new community will be present to delve briefly into various lenses of our philosophies and practices (including Microsolidarity). We'll give most attention to hosting YOU in a participatory experience of what we've been doing.

⏱ Saturday 30 May 2020, 6:00-7:30pm Amsterdam time [virtual meeting].

👉👉 click through HERE to see more info and get an access link 🔗

A bit more info

Making Microsolidarity is an ongoing process initiated by me, Joshua. The intention has been to co-create a network of 20-30 people who support each other in doing emotionally and financially fulfilling work. Along this process the group and I have been learning and adapting methods of participatory process design, leadership, building community, peer coaching and hosting meaningful conversation. It began with a small group in Maastricht, Netherlands.

"Microsolidarity" is a social-design methodology synthesised from many minds with the help of Richard D. Bartlett of the Enspiral Network. Adapting the methods for a group in Maastricht, Making Microsolidarity is an experiment in weaving people to be actively connected with themselves and each other on more levels than usual.

We're working out loud and learning as we do in this messy, living and experimental process.

Who's this for? Anyone who is curious and/or actively working in fields of social process design, emotional intelligence, community building, mutual aid networks, peer-coaching, facilitation. This is also for those who are looking for inspiration to move into more depth in their relationships – both personally and work-related.

Now go register (or read even more details) so I can plan for your arrival! ❤️


Angelo John Lewis Wed 6 May 2020 8:14PM

I'm in for the call.

I'm inspired by Richard's work, but have some (small) reservations about the microsolidarity process.

In short, it seems as far as I can see I don't see within it a means of interweaving these various crews or councils.

This is of particular interest to me, as I see many organizations around the world doing somewhat similar things.

My sense is that there's a need for a superstructure "network of networks" to harness this group energy.

This is part of what we're attempting to do in our somewhat fledgling Sacred Inclusion Network.

I am marking down the date and hope to be invited to participate.

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Richard D. Bartlett Mon 11 May 2020 9:17AM

Hi Angelo, glad to have you thinking along with us here. Your network looks amazing!

My contribution to the "network of networks" challenge is to propose shared language and practices that are more global than any one network's specific configuration of purpose, people, values etc.

As we start to see more thriving mutual aid communities at the "congregation" scale, then I may turn my attention to how these congregations connect. But for now I have an intuitive sense, some imagined standard of effectiveness/resilience/depth/health, that I don't see many congregations attaining.


Angelo John Lewis Mon 11 May 2020 2:56PM

You and Ted have inspired me greatly, Richard, and I feel great resonance with your work. I'm very much looking to explore the inter-connectivity piece this Saturday with my colleague David Wetton. You have the inclination, please jump aboard. https://sacredinclusion.com/galvanizing-change/


Richard D. Bartlett Mon 11 May 2020 7:14PM

Thank you for the invitation! I have a busy week but if I have the mental space on Saturday I will love to :)


Angelo John Lewis Mon 11 May 2020 7:28PM

I’d be honored, Richard.


Josh Fairhead Fri 8 May 2020 11:45AM

Hey Angelo, feel on that one - autopoietic living systems (all living things) are made up of structures linked by networks. These structures and networks exist on fractal scales of subsets and supersets; you can go up or down nearly infinitely in n dimensions. From my perspective however its good to scope to three dimensions for the sake of simplicity. In that regard some of our crew like to think about personal, local and global levels. Taking that context I'm a structure networked amongst my peers, locally we create LiminalVillage as a hub structure in scarce physical space - which is networked with others like Akasha hub and RatPark, and globally we constitute a network in abundant digital space that we've been calling Hackalong... in the end though its all holonic and just orders of abstraction - but three seems to be value in natures magic number 3 so worth considering the pattern ;)

RE: Masstrict congregation, I can't promise anything at this moment but I'd like to join so I'll mark the date and keep an eye on happenings :)


Angelo John Lewis Fri 8 May 2020 5:25PM

Very cool, Josh. I know I can learn from you, your crew, and the whole microsolidarity family. My focus is to nurture the formation of a Network of Networks, consisting of collaborative cells. Many people and orgs these days are doing similar or at least complementary things. How can we harness that energy for the upliftment of all, is the question I'm responding to. I've attached an old file. May 16th at 11 am ET, David Wetton and I are convening an Online Community Exploration, with the working title, Galvanizing Change in This Pandemic Moment. with the subtitle: Activating the Network of Light. Love for you to join us.


Joshua Glass Tue 26 May 2020 1:14PM

Angelo, it looks like you're doing awesome things! Thanks for the link here, it's great to read your description. I'm looking forward to meet you on Saturday :)


Joshua Glass Mon 18 May 2020 10:52AM

Hey @Josh Fairhead and @Angelo John Lewis , I just edited the original post and added a link to sign-up for the event https://ti.to/joshua-glass/making-microsolidarity-in-maastricht


Angelo John Lewis Mon 18 May 2020 2:07PM

Thanks Josh - I plan on "attending"

Angelo John Lewis
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