Mon 20 Jan

Theme camp application

xavier dubruille Public Seen by 152

When can we start to apply for a theme camp? After all with the new one (jam camp for example) and some old which may not attend (flim flam due to clash with other event) , this aspect should be clarified quite soon.

Also linked , we spoke in previous meeting to have some membership reserved for theme camp, is it always a thing? After all , Theme camp are a crucial part of the activities run during the event and give a lot of volunteers with a correct mindset so it s quite an idea worth to think about.


Kay Holford Sun 23 Feb

Theme camp applications are now open I believe. Do you get the Nest newsletter via email?


Keegan Sun 23 Feb

Hey, I don't think we should really be using Loomio to be asking questions like this. Either in the facebook group or emailing hello@burningnest.co.uk is probably best.

Ideally we want to keep loomio pretty clean so that it's not busy/messy when people have to come on here for the discussions