Sun 19 Feb 2017

Coop and public banking legislation

John Rhoads Public Seen by 561

Need people to do volunteer research. Here are the topics to research:

  1. find model bills for worker ownership of business
  2. find model bills for public banking and community lending
  3. find model bills for how to transfer existing businesses into worker ownership thru tax rebates and loan guarantees
  4. Alt-Banking Model legislation.

[deactivated account] Sun 19 Feb 2017

thanks John. We have a legislative director drafting the worker owner laws- but we DO need help with democratizing everything else:

  1. Public Banking and democratically owned cooperative banking// alt banking.
  2. cooperative local food systems: farming, distribution, processing etc..
  3. Cooperative Renewable energy bills to set up renewable energy cooperatives with major tax incentives to basically give us a free energy economy. Includes feed in tarriffs, local bio-fuel producer coops, Hydrogen Infrastructure coops(made on site using water and renewable energy and compressed for hydrogen fuel cell engines)
  4. Local Democratic control of Schools/healthcare/childcare/eldercare- cooperatively run and contracted with the state(like amelia romano) to replace hedge fund owned charter schools.
  5. Participatory Budgeting for State and Local governments.
  6. Truly Non-Partisan Democratic Elections with Public funding/small donor matching.

Judith Turner Mon 20 Feb 2017

Hello recently D@W post an article about, a city ordinance that was past in Oakland Ca to incorporate WC into the cities business infrastructure. they posted the ordinance they had drafted on there website to share with all. We are making good progress here in Florida and are in the process of getting the same ordinance passed and education into the business assistance center. I have lots of other models, I can send you. thanks for your interest.