Do you think the opportunity to experience wild animals in a visiting travelling circus has a positive or negative impact on young people?

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Ian Walker Wed 21 Aug 2019

I am of the view that young people being able to see wild animals, that are well cared for, enables them to understand their beauty and the need to preserve and protect the various species of wild animals that exist, so long as viewing them is coupled with appropriate education and awareness. The opportunity to see them in travelling circuses ensures that a wider range of young people can see wild animals. In overall terms, so long as the care and well being of the animals is at the best standards, then I see the opportunity to experience wild animals in a visiting travelling circus is a positive one.

By contrast, if this bill is permitted to succeed, then young people will have a much reduced opportunity to experience wild animals given the rising costs of visiting zoo's. I do think that enhanced regulations are needed, coupled with appropriate oversight, to ensure the well being of animals that are part of travelling circuses. But I dont think that banning their use is a positive way of preserving their well being.


Brigitte Robinson Fri 30 Aug 2019

Negative - it portraits wild animals as things hor human entertainment. It denies the need for conservation.


Hewan Ormson Mon 2 Sep 2019

Negative. They are kept in cramped quarters without sufficient room to move, hunt etc. They should be in the wild. Seeing them perform in a circus gives children the impression that it is acceptable to remove wild animals from their natural habitats for human entertainment.