Fri 23 Dec 2016

Feel invited: Decentralized social medias revenue model talk on AltC3

smdm Public Seen by 476

Hello guys,

As from awhile I'm interested in revenue models for decentralized social networks, I'm happy to invite you to a talk I'm going to have this year on the AltC3 event in Hamburg:

Altc3 is a tech event, held between 27-th and 30-th of December as a parallel event of 33C3, for people who had no chance to have a 33C3 ticket, but would love to watch its streaming together and have the chance to exchange ideas.

I'll be happy to see you there and discuss Diaspora!

If you have a talk you want to have on the event - there are still free slots!

Best regards and see you in Hamburg!



zulu Sat 7 Jan 2017

And? How did it go : )?