Sat 8 Feb 2020

Mainstream application

Simon Carter Public Seen by 115

As a non-techi I've been scanning social coop loomio threads for what seems a very long time. My question is how close are you to a mainstream product, or is the intention that it should always remain niche?. How would the most optimistic see it's place in the whole social media stratosphere?. If another cooperative had potentially the wear with all to build an audience is some sort of link up a possibility?


Leo Sammallahti Sat 8 Feb 2020

There's been quite a lot of discussion on whether we should attempt to be a general social media platform that would be owned as a coop, or a social media where people have a common bond of being interested in coops. Would prefer the latter personally, think we have a great potential to be an ever-flowing stream anyone interested in the movement can easily and quickly jump in from anywhere in the world, that connects cooperators around the world. The architecture of having a Local Timeline seems to make more sense if there is a shared topic of interest among the users.

Most optimistic vision would be that we would have people from ranging from Indonesian dairy coops to Canadian credit union managers asking and sharing advice, connecting on a personal level and collaborating on common projects.

Not to say I have anything against people tooting about other things, or people who are not interested in coops joining.