Sun 28 Feb


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Hi all. Last year we were awarded an OSMF microgrant to produce some leaflets. We'd like to get going with this now. The pitch we put forward proposed 5 different designs. Please can you let us know what topics are worth covering (one topic per leaflet design as these are small A6 leaflets of 130-150 words maximum). We will then produce these and post them out.


RobJN Sun 28 Feb

Here are some topic ideas. Please add more:

  • An introduction to mapping your neighbourhood

  • The benefits of photo mapping and how to get started

  • OpenStreetMap on your smartphone: editing and using the map

  • Why OpenStreetMap and the public sector would make a great partnership

  • How organisations can contribute to OpenStreetMap


RobJN Sun 28 Feb

Here is an example flyer (just one side) that covers the basics. Feedback welcome.


jambamkin Mon 1 Mar

To who will the flyers be posted out to?


RobJN Mon 1 Mar

Any individual who wants some. We also can send a batch to groups.


I try to carry the classic small OSM leaflets but I think they're outdated.

It doesn't easily answer...
"Why does the map need to be updated (by volunteers/community)?"
"When and where will you see the changes?" (maybe similar to Rob's "using OSM on your smartphone" suggestion).

Something simple about editing/helping the map might also be good. Short of full OSM involvement.
"How can I point out something is wrong?" as a guide to using the Notes feature on the website.
Or how to use apps like StreetComplete to provide the map with more information.


RobJN Mon 15 Mar

Another draft. This for the photo mapping topic. Let me know your feedback on the attached file please.




RobJN Tue 16 Mar

What other topics shall we create leaflets for?


RobJN Wed 17 Mar

Here's one for mobile editing and apps. As before, I look forward to your feedback (and I spell checked it this time Gregory so hopefully no typos!)


RobJN Wed 17 Mar

I think I am going to have a go at doing a community groups and events leaflet instead of one of the bottom two bullet items at the top of this thread. Will post a draft here. Meanwhile I am after images for the reverse side of the flyer. Any good examples?


RobJN Sun 21 Mar

One more leaflet ready and amends made to the earlier ones. I attach the full set of four. I welcome your feedback.

If we are happy with these, I will go ahead and select images for the reverse side and get them sent off for production. We're one leaflet short compared to the microgrant application for five. I propose that we either hold the last one back for when we have big project, or we spend the money in an online promotion drive.


Cj Malone Mon 22 Mar

The photo mapping leaflet mentions "the Wikimedia Commons app", however that's only available on Android. Maybe just mention it as a website, or with out any specifics, as is potentially 50% of readers won't be able to find the app.

Otherwise looks good, thank you.


RobJN Sun 28 Mar

That's annoying. The website upload tool on a mobile device isn't great - the app is better. I've changed the text to read "If you want to focus on just landmarks then try Wikimedia Commons’ Android app or website."


RobJN Sun 28 Mar

Some examples reverse side images. Let me know if you have any preferences.


Adam Hoyle Mon 29 Mar

Leaflets are looking really great - splendid job @RobJN. For the reverse side - is it possible to have an image of a map render?


Jez Nicholson Mon 29 Mar

I like the six-colour-tiles design first and the plain-ish terrains second


Oh really nice Rob, did you create those graphics?

We don't map contours (including the 3D contours), so I would only accept those if you tell me it's the "blank canvas" to OpenStreetMappers.

The 6-colour one is a good design, but makes me think of places like Gravelly Hill Interchange - OpenStreetMap and our world is a lot more than just a network of roads.

I really like the bridge/river ones. I'd be even happier if it included a road (at least part in the corner). The one with different areas (high-rise, red houses, small houses) is good too. I don't know if it could be done to be less busy around the middle where the logo sits.

I've noticed there is a tree in the middle of the road! I've been looking at them too much now. :D


RobJN Thu 8 Apr

Hi Gregory. No not my work on the graphics - I couldn't do that. Just stock images that I found that I liked. I had to push ahead and make a choice as we wanted to spend the money in financial year 2020/21. You can see my final choices at osmuk.org/leaflets . Next stage is to organise a way to get these distributed.