Tue 5 Apr 2016

Learning from overseas discussion

Dave Lane Public Seen by 308

I just came across this interesting article talking about the recent announcement in the US that much software developed by the US Gov't would be open source... Some very interesting points, some very similar to our discussion (the request to refer to "Free Software" as well as open source = our copyleft discussion), and some related to the use of open standards and the implications of signing the TPPA... http://thevarguy.com/open-source-application-software-companies/github-forum-highlights-public-views-open-source-us-gover
This may offer us some insights into implications here in NZ.


Cam Findlay Wed 6 Apr 2016

It is indeed an interesting time for this stuff.

The US Fed Govt public consultation on their open source policy ends 11 April and is being carried out using GitHub to accept feedback and direct policy wording changes for them to consider. I've read over it, lots of good stuff there for us to consider. See some of the feedback at https://github.com/WhiteHouse/source-code-policy/issues

What is interesting is, the US Fed draft policy covers mandate to share and process for procurement however notes they haven't covered the licensing aspect. For us, we are the reverse of this (NZGOAL should stick to it's licensing scope perhaps).

It might be interesting to reach out to those policy makers to see where there might be some reuse in the future? Could they "fork" and adapt what we're doing for their needs (USGOAL-SE anyone? :smiley: ) and in future could we do the same?

Anyway, good to place what is happening in public sector open source here in a wider global context.


Cam Findlay Wed 6 Apr 2016

Thanks for raising this @davelane :thumbsup:


Roy Storey Wed 6 Apr 2016

Thought I'd share this in case you haven't seen it. (Changing the max to 2500 highlights NZ creates the most commits per capita)



Danyl Strype Sat 30 Apr 2016

Somebody shared the US gov 18F platform in the discussion on code discovery. Their "open source policy" has some good wording and structure that might a useful reference for the next draft of NZ GOAL-SE.