Mon 18 Mar 2019


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If you're interested in microsolidarity, and you're wondering what action to take, here are some pathways:

Start a Crew

The minimum step is to start a crew. This step is a prerequisite to any of the others. You will need to find at least 2 other people who are up for it. Suggested starting ingredients:

  • make a time-limited commitment (e.g. we'll meet for 1 hour per week for 6 weeks)
  • set your intention (e.g. this could be a space for personal development in the company of trusted partners, or it could more focussed on projects)
  • make your boundaries explicit (this is what we are up for: e.g. confidentiality, what conversation topics are 'out of bounds')
  • agree to some process (e.g. over 6 sessions you could follow a series of structured reflection questions) -- find suggested processes here
  • end with a retrospective (reflect together and notice what you learned, what did you enjoy about the process, how could it be improved?)
  • share your results in this discussion group so we can learn together!

Catalyse more crews

If you are in an existing network or community, you may be in a good position to support the development of many crews. This has already happened in Enspiral and Scuttlebutt, and may happen in many other places too. Let's use this Loomio group to share what we're learning about how to be a great catalyst.

Start a congregation

If there are a few crews around you, maybe it is time to bring them together into a larger gathering. Or maybe you can start with the larger congregation gathering as a place to find potential crewmates.

How to start a congregation is an open research question. Can you help?

Assemble the congregations

There are many networks of mutual aid that already exist in close prozimity to each other (e.g. Enspiral, Scuttlebutt, EHF, Edgeryders, Blivande, OuiShare, Civicwise, Mindfulness for Change). Some of them may be interested in practicing microsolidarity, i.e. forming small crews and hosting periodic congregation gatherings. Maybe one day we will assemble people from many congregations?


Melina Chan Fri 5 Apr 2019

@pospi - check it out! let's discuss on our next call perhaps the time-bound and the content boundaries, if any?