After update on stable docker image (v.2.3.2), "Connecting to socket server.." message when creating new thread

Giuseppe Public Seen by 33

Hey. When I try to create a new thread since my update to v.2.3.2 I cannot create new threads.
The thread form is telling me "Connecting to socket server...":

Is this a bug or my fault?
Any idea?


Giuseppe Wed 9 Sep 2020

Okay - I found out why...

The beta features seemed to be "enabled". This seems to cause the connecting to socket server message.


Rob Guthrie Thu 10 Sep 2020

That's just the tip of the iceberg!

You need to update your docker-compose.yml with a git pull (or manually updating it) and you'll have a new service running, loomio-channel-server which is a node.js app which provides all the real-time functionality that we're adding to loomio right now.

To start with, you can do live collaborative editing, but also you will be able to see who is online, receive updates to threads and proposals without refresh, and more.


Giuseppe Tue 22 Dec 2020

This is working now also for me. Your answer helped me a lot. Thanks.