[BUG] Problems with integrating and displaying images in discussions - distorted pictures.

Giuseppe Public Seen by 35

What I did:

When I try to include images in the context of my thread or poll - since I am not able to variate the size of the picture in the thread, I used a table to reduce the size and to show small pictures of different options to choose.

I used Chrome for that.

What I intended:

Showing different pictures of options to choose from group members in a poll.

Like it is shown in the edit mode:

What I got:

Inserting images into the discussion results in distorted images

Any ideas why this happens?

I think this is an important feature to include images in a easy way and to adapt sizes of images.


Rob Guthrie Sat 25 Apr 2020

OK. I'll see what's going on.





Rob Guthrie Sat 25 Apr 2020

Oh wow. Sorry about this problem. @Giuseppe

I really like your approach of using tables to achieve layouts that otherwise would be too hard. Nice!

I'm deploying a fix now. In about 15 minutes from this comment you should be able to reload and find the images are the correct proportions.


Giuseppe Sun 26 Apr 2020

Hello @Rob Guthrie , thanks for your reply! 🙂

I did a pull this night and tested the behaviour right now.
It behaves the same way on my computer. Did you already made the fix?

Thanks for support. Have a good day!


Rob Guthrie Sun 26 Apr 2020

Oh, should have mentioned. You will need to use the "latest" branch in your docker-compose file. Edit your .env file and replace stable with latest.

Confusingly, I think there is a env and a .env, so just be aware of that.

You'll also need to run the migrations (detailed in the readme) things have been moving quickly recently.


Giuseppe Mon 27 Apr 2020

Oh yes! Thanks for the hint. I did not know that. I tested it, made apull and everything works as aspected now! Thank you :) 🙌