September 30th, 2019 17:04

9/30/19: Participate virtually in VRM Day, use to turbo charge efforts to cocreate OPEN HousingID

Bill Wendel
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Today marks the 29th anniversary of Mass Homebuyers Club, see images in the 1st link below about bringing back that concept but NOT focused simply on homebuying. Instead our goal is to enable a range of functionality by giving consumers the ability to manage / monetize their #HousingID


Right now, the #Me2BAlliance is presenting at the Computer Museum in Silicon Valley, and like their statement of principles, our goal is develop functionality based on a real estate consumer bill of rights. That means focusing on privacy rights, and my priorities would be homebuyers and homeowners who are currently targets for predatory real estate business models. What are your priorities and how do you see them fitting into a consumer-centric real estate ecosystem?


If you'd like to listen or watch VRM Day, use these links:

Me2B Alliance Day at IIW

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


You can also dial in using your phone.
United States: +1 (571) 317-3122

Access Code: 165-786-973

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Bill Wendel

Bill Wendel

Bill Wendel September 30th, 2019 17:13

@saadfounder is attending the event in person, and while the LIVESTREAM is down, he's been sharing screenshots via @RealEstateCafe's Basecamp. That's a by-invitation only working group, if you'd like to be added, please send email to realestatecafe@gmail.com and let's correspond privately about your level of interest and alignment.

Bill Wendel

Bill Wendel September 30th, 2019 17:50

Selected highlights so far, invite others to share theirs:

Wanted to applaud when Scott Davis, a lawyer in Seattle, said certification must be based on a "set of duties that animate the rights!" as the reflects the importance of updating a #REBillOfRights

Bill Wendel

Bill Wendel September 30th, 2019 17:58

Another highlight is reflected by the excerpt I sent to Kim Cameron, formerly of Microsoft:

"Loved your comment: 'Want to spend rest of my time subverting dominance of Surveillance Capitalism, not going to happen until the population is angry about what’s happening. Need to organize mass movement -- turn web upside down, rebalance internet.' Room at VRM / Me2BAlliance broke into applause!" BW

Corey Scholtka

Corey Scholtka September 30th, 2019 18:20

Thanks Bill.

I’m trying to understand the connection from Mass Housing Club Card to the Me2B alliance… could a ‘Buyer ID’ be on the Blockchain?

Crypto & Blockchain need to become totally transparent to the consumer, and we need to see more adoption of Smart Contracts to the Real Estate related vendors and Title Policies.

Who else is working on this?


Bill Wendel

Bill Wendel September 30th, 2019 18:36

Corey, Thanks for posting! Instead of focusing on a BuyerID, it's essential to address use cases related to any kind of shelter, hence the need for an OPEN #HousingID.

Credit unions are already using an identity system they call MyCUID, and since your family has served credit union members in the past, would encourage you to build on that knowledge.

If @dazzagreenwood1 or @thomashardjono are watching this thread,, maybe they can update us on credit union related work at MIT.

Bill Wendel

Bill Wendel September 30th, 2019 18:39

@saadfounder Is Sal D'Agostino from Boston attending VRM Day? He's got some ideas about Rights Receipts that could map well to Me2B ecosystem as they are not a one time check-off, but if I understand it correctly, an actual RECEIPT for services -- eg. Full fiduciary services rendered to homebuyers or sellers, rather than the widespread problem of #FakeBuyerAgents & #AgencyFraud

Bill Wendel

Bill Wendel September 30th, 2019 19:17

@saadfounder Did I hear Adrian's comment to Liam correctly -- that Patient’s Rights are the key differentiator in the health care ecosystem? Vendors, institutions, care providers MUST give consumers access to their own health records? What can real estate learn from their experience, and aren't there already places where housing intersects with health data? Andrian has been open to that conversation in the past as he's aware of both aging issues and the social determinants of housing:


Bill Wendel

Bill Wendel September 30th, 2019 19:30

At a minimum, an OPEN #HousingID would allow consumers to manage access to their personal data, and identify where it's distributed across these categories

Bill Wendel

Bill Wendel September 30th, 2019 20:07

@saadfounder Thx4 photostreaming on RealEstateCafe's Basecamp. Just posted this to the ProjectVRM list, which goes out to 100's of people not in the room with you:

Joyce et al, Thanks so much for the opportunity to participate virtually. Invite anyone interested in (or intersecting with) the housing / real estate ecosystem to follow #RE2020, use our efforts to serve the Consumer Stakeholder Working Group proposed by Me2BAlliance:


So glad Sa'ad is able to join you in person, as he shares my interest in cocreating an OPEN HousingID.

Bill Wendel

Bill Wendel September 30th, 2019 21:59

Afternoon session starting up again with show of hands for who's working on different initiatives, starting with Ethical Business Models. Tweeted my response:

3 class-action lawsuits vs RealEstate industry = need for Ethical Business Models. While some in #VRM/#MeB2 community may prefer to turn a blind eye, please note leading #RETech publisher calling out #RECartel in thread below:


#IIW #REBillOfRights #BosRE


Bill Wendel

Bill Wendel September 30th, 2019 22:10

Turning now to Standards of Practice, real estate buyer agents have had both Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics for two decades:



Here's an example of how those benefits can be communicated to the public:


Bill Wendel

Bill Wendel September 30th, 2019 22:51

Posted a version of the above in response to the question, "what's the biggest bang for the buck for Me2B to take on, presumably to create awareness about the importance and real impact on consumers. Submitted my nomination via Twitter: