What are useful things Helpers can bring to the table to support Makers?

Luke Flegg Public Seen by 40

space, tools, materials, their time, delivery...?

let's explore the long version, together.
Let's put our heads together re: what things are / aren't suitable materials for masks, ear loops, etc.
See the separate thread on "How to make acceptable PPE" = very relevant to this.

And the link to a great library of relevant resources:


Florence Rose Wed 15 Apr 2020

Hey!! Well done on the group 馃槉 I can sew (have machine) an can deliver. Based in birmingham, please let me now if I can be of help. Many thanks xx


Luke Flegg Wed 15 Apr 2020

Hello my dear! Thank you for chipping in to our brand new forum! Actually this thread is for us to share ideas about what we should invite users of our website to offer. I think you're trying to actually add yourself to the database, no? You can do that by opening the map in a new window and adding yourself (make sure you're on the right layer on the left hand side menu! You want the "Help PPE makers" layer.

Alternatively you can use the form and we'll add you 馃檹馃徑


Adam Bates Mon 20 Apr 2020

There are lots of makers who aren't actually able to leave the house themselves. Today we've added a 'Deliverer' layer to the map to make it clear to users that it'd be a good idea to offer their driving skills, and for makers to know who can collect the items from them and take them to where they're needed.

Would love to hear if you think this is useful or how it could be improved :-)


Nicola Cooper Wed 22 Apr 2020

So. Surgical masks and gowns need to be splash proof/ fluid resistant. They are single use so get thrown away. Gloves and in fact all PPE needs to be latex free due to severe allergy risk.

Reusable PPE such as goggles and visors need to withstand cleaning with a chlorine based detergent multiple times.

Scrubs need to be able to be washed at 60 degrees or higher plus be breathable.

Gets really hot and sweaty under full PPE


Katie Fesel Mon 27 Apr 2020

Can anyone show me how I add myself as a driver/deliverer- I cannot find link


Adam Bates Mon 27 Apr 2020

Good question! We've been discussing this. First of all, don't worry, you're on the map as a deliverer. Thanks a lot! Up until now, we've manually taken people who have filled out the helper form and converted their icon to be a deliverer where necessary. Thanks Katie. Feel free to keep looking around this board and helping us out :-)