Tue 10 Mar

Covid 19

Dee Public Seen by 77

In light of the fact the French Burn, Creme Brûlée ( held at similar time of year ) has been cancelled due to Covid 19, should the Nest community open a discussion on this issue also ?


Daniel Hurley Tue 10 Mar

Depends on the government measures.

If they cancel events of over X attendees NEST may get through, though whether it should may become a moral/ethical question. I would argue 500 attendees at fest/burn/event for multiple days is a higher risk than a football match of 2,000 attendees who are only there for 2 hours.

Or they could go full Italy and put the whole country into lock down, which they could announce tomorrow or the day before Nest.


Keegan Tue 10 Mar

There is conversation happening around this and should be an announcement in a few days