Tue 18 Dec 2018

Traffic Reguation Order consultation

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Hi all,

Re: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/traffic-regulation-orders-applying-for-and-creating-orders-plus-using-data

There is a short consultation survey on Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs). We have used the chance to submit a response calling for Openly Licenced data free from OS derivative copyright claim:

>We are a non-profit company that represents the OpenStreetMap community in the United Kingdom. It is our view that TRO data should be universally available as open licenced data free from any underlying (derivative copyright) claim.

>Typically data that is of a geospatial nature has been derived in part from Ordnance Survey data - this creates barriers to releasing the data as open licenced data and prevents it from being incorporated into other datasets, such as the OpenStreetMap project. We ask for the Ordnance Survey to make a clear statement waiving any claim they have over TRO data.

>If this is not possible, then we encourage Highways Agencies to use alternate sources of geospatial information when making TROs. We are aware of one local authority which is publishing their 20 mph speed limit TROs using Ordnance Survey's existing OpenData products (rather than the usual MasterMap product) to ensure that their TROs can be made freely available as openly licenced data.

>Freely accessible TRO data can deliver significant benefits to the UK (e.g. better routing for heavy goods vehicles).

>In regards to data formats: We prefer TRO data to be made available in digital file formats. If PDFs/Image files are used, then these should be provided alongside the raw geospatial (GIS) data.

>We would be supportive of a central repository of TRO data (see for example the food hygiene rating data published at www.food.gov.uk/ratings as an example of a central repository of local authority data) if it is cost effective, does not created unnecessary delay in accessing the data, and is open data.


RobJN Tue 18 Dec 2018

It's a relatively short survey (more for grabbing contact details than any serious policy changes) and timelines are short. I hope you don't mind the lack of consultation with the OSM community on this. We needed to act quickly as the deadline is Friday and we only heard about this yesterday.


Robert Whittaker Tue 18 Dec 2018

I think that looks great. The only other thing I would have added is something about the need/benefits of having as much information about the effect(s) of each TRO encoded in a structured / computer readable format.


Brian Prangle Thu 20 Dec 2018

Fantastic response Rob


RobJN Mon 9 Sep 2019

Hi all. I received the following email in regard to the Traffic Regulation Order review:

On behalf of the Department for Transport, GeoPlace, the British Parking Association and Ordnance Survey, thank you for your participation in the TRO Discovery project.

We are pleased to announce that, following a successful Discovery, a review of Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) legislation is being launched by Future of Transport Minister George Freeman MP. This review will take place over the next 16 weeks to produce a set of proposals for legislative change, building on the research conducted by GeoPlace and the Transport Focus Transport User Panel.

The Department for Transport is keen to continue the excellent engagement with stakeholders to support the design of the proposals. Please contact TROAlpha@dft.gov.uk if you would be interested in participating in this next phase of work. A summary of the research findings from the Discovery can be found at https://www.geoplace.co.uk/trodiscovery.

The TRO Discovery also delivered two other important outputs. The British Parking Association have produced and launched a free guide for Local Authorities to support them in making their TROs according to best practice. Additionally, a draft data model for TROs has been produced to provide a standard format for structuring TRO data. This is a free resource for all based on internationally recognised standards. Both outputs can be found on the British Parking Association website.

Thank you again for your participation in the TRO Discovery. Without your support, the creation of such well-informed outputs would not be possible. Please do contact the Department for Transport if you would like to participate in the legislative review.

Yours faithfully

The TRO Discovery Team

Reviewing the links it seems like the message about Open Data has been heard loud and clear. The summary report even notes the OS derived data issue:

In order to realise the full benefit and the value of open TRO data, the licensing of any TRO data that is based on OS Mapping would continue to be explored.

I will email to ask for OSM UK to continue to be informed.