June 6th, 2019 21:46

UK Geospatial Commission - responses to call for evidence and 2020 plan

RobJN (Director)
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Hi all,

I think I have written about the UK's Geospatial Commission several months ago. As a reminder this is a group set up by UK Government to look at the geospatial industry and how to support it.

They started with a Call for Evidence which OSM UK responded to. Turns out that everyone and their dog also responded, hence it has taken so long for them to gather the results. These are now published online - all 2354 pages as a single PDF(!). The list of companies acts as a good indicator of the UK companies interested in geospatial.


The commission has also published it's Annual Plan 2019 - 2020:


RobJN (Director)

RobJN (Director) June 6th, 2019 22:15

One of the things we can do is a keyword search to see which organisations mentioned "OpenStreetMap". They are:

  • Direct Line Group
  • English Civic Museums
  • Glasgow City Council
  • Network Rail
  • Open Data Institute
  • OSGeoUK
  • STFC Hartree Centre

Those that mention "Open Street Map" include:

  • British Property Federation & UK PropTech Association
  • Improvement Service, Manchester GeoMatics / Liverpool University, LandInform Ltd
  • Natural England
  • Ordnance Survey
  • Police Services in England & Wales
  • Reigate & Banstead Borough Council
  • Rural Payments Agency
  • Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd
  • Surrey Geospatial and Space Leaders Group
  • Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd
  • University of Edinburgh, School of Geosciences & EDINA

Finally "OSM" (only those not mentioned above):

  • Deloitte MCS Ltd
  • Frazer-Nash Consultancy

P.S Ordnance Survey wrote "In some places Open Street Map, enabled by large corporations, is standing in for national mapping."

RobJN (Director)

RobJN (Director) June 6th, 2019 22:16

By the way if you want to pull all the quote out (with who they are attributed to), we can do an article on our website / email newsletter. If you'd like to volunteer for this, please let me know.

Jez Nicholson (Director)

Jez Nicholson (Director) June 7th, 2019 13:41

I just had email contact with someone from the Geospatial Commission (in the Cabinet Office) and invited them to drop in at the AGM meetup to say hi. They are also open to a meeting with OSMUK at a later date.

RobJN (Director)

RobJN (Director) June 7th, 2019 19:47

That's good. Did they approach us on this occasion? Any idea why?

Jez Nicholson (Director)

Jez Nicholson (Director) June 7th, 2019 21:44

I approached them.

Gregory Marler (former Director)

Gregory Marler (former Director) June 12th, 2019 18:24

I started a Twitter thread of points I find interesting in the responses (not limited to OSM mentions).

Jez Nicholson (Director)

Jez Nicholson (Director) June 21st, 2019 14:29

Through my invitation of the Geospatial Commission to the Annual Gathering we have been invited to a meeting at the Cabinet Office next Friday. Gregory and I will be meeting people from the data researchers. Will report back as much as able to.