March 12th, 2015 13:25

Crear sub-grupo "Loomio Community ▶ Beginners - Demonstration"

Carlos Gallo Garavano
Carlos Gallo Garavano Public Seen by 450

1) facilitate the incorporation of new users Loomio.
2) dispose of a meeting point to practice during the initial use of Loomio.
3) obtain the minimum knowledge, to intervene in discussions, make proposals and create their own groups.
4) exchange, consultations and opinions in their own language.
5) channel the feedback, which helps improve and optimize Loomio.

To avoid translations in the sub-group "Beginners - Demonstration" initiate discussions by language (same sub-group "Translation")

Remember and keep in mind:
a) The lack of experience of the coordinator of the group can generate an inefficient and misuse of Loomio
b) Frustration can be a source of disappointment and failure of new user

Sequence of that suggestion
1- Create a (public) subgroup of the group "Loomio Community", called "Beginner - Demonstration"
2- In the description, include the suggestion to visit the Explore page, to learn how they work, some existing groups.
3- Create the discussions in the languages of users who need it, but Loomio know which are the most used.
4- Link to the official website and help documentation
5- When you activate the new user account Loomio, default access to "control panel" sub-group "Beginners - Demonstration"
6- Assign and identify users who act in specialized collaborators in each language
7- The collaborators are users that help beginners

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Carlos Gallo Garavano

Carlos Gallo Garavano started a proposal March 12th, 2015 13:41

Yes to the creation of sub-group "Beginners - Demonstration" Closed 1:05pm - Thursday 19 Mar 2015

by Carlos Gallo Garavano February 27th, 2017 22:21

a) 13 votes in accordance with one abstention
b) they agree 93% of voters (no votes against and no blockages)
c) 1% of members expressed their position (14/710)
d) How many members were notified of the existence of this proposal? (They had no the volume on "Quiet or Mute")
e) How many members read this proposal?
f) Is it a success or a failure this proposal?
g) Do we follow ahead or we abandon?
h) The team Loomio did not vote. Is it positive or negative?
i) The group members we can do nothing, we are not authorized to create the sub-group "Beginners - Demonstration"

Team Loomio: You have the final word

Yes to the creation of sub-group "Beginners - Demonstration"

To support this proposal or explain the reasons for refusal

All information is very positive

Agree - 13
Abstain - 13
Disagree - 13
Block - 13
-874 people have voted (-6300%)
Carlos Gallo Garavano

Carlos Gallo Garavano
March 12th, 2015 13:43

I believe in the proposal


Peter Schurman
March 12th, 2015 14:16

MJ Kaplan

MJ Kaplan March 13th, 2015 13:26

@carlosgallogaravan I work with Loomio in the US and also teach at Brown University. One of my students put this brief video together and he's open to adapting it and/or creating more tools.

Carlos Gallo Garavano

Carlos Gallo Garavano March 13th, 2015 13:54

@mjkaplan thanks, very good video

The advantage of a sub-group is to exchange comments

James Wilson

James Wilson March 13th, 2015 23:08

Very good. @mjkaplan can we spread this around?

I would like a similar one which can be sent to those who I have invited to join Loomio and join groups that have already been established and so not get into the details of setting up a group etc. It seems to me that V1 should be number two in the series.


Brandon Burns
March 14th, 2015 01:51

Greg Cassel

Greg Cassel
March 14th, 2015 17:12

I think it would be a helpful additional feature for the orientation of new users.

Richard D. Bartlett

Richard D. Bartlett March 14th, 2015 20:47

@carlosgallogaravan can you clarify two things: 1) who is creating and maintaining this subgroup? 2) how do new users find it?

Carlos Gallo Garavano

Carlos Gallo Garavano March 15th, 2015 10:51

@richarddbartlett I answer your questions

1a) Sub-group as a meeting place for beginners to learn and consultations, in their own language.

1b) Loomio chooses and appoints coordinators and assistants between the experienced users who are offered to help beginners in their own language

2) The picture shows the “Try out” button and a few months ago, there was also another “Try out” button to the left of the button: “Log In”

Button “beginner” to replace the “Try out” buttons

I hope I have clarified the questions

Carlos Gallo Garavano

Carlos Gallo Garavano March 15th, 2015 10:59

Take into account

The sub-group "Beginners" is public and visible without user account

The first time the new user activates your account, to proceed directly to the control panel of the sub-group "beginner" and if possible to the discussion of default language of the user

Noam Levy

Noam Levy
March 16th, 2015 06:25

Luz María Cabrales LLach

Luz María Cabrales LLach
March 18th, 2015 13:43


Adam Glickman
March 18th, 2015 15:34

Lisha Sterling

Lisha Sterling
March 18th, 2015 16:40


March 18th, 2015 16:44

Erkan Gencol

Erkan Gencol
March 18th, 2015 17:33

I fully support this idea

Ramsey Margolis

Ramsey Margolis
March 18th, 2015 18:38


March 19th, 2015 01:26

And if you want me to be involved let me know (maestro trained).


March 19th, 2015 10:26


March 19th, 2015 12:24

Richard D. Bartlett

Richard D. Bartlett March 19th, 2015 21:00

Sorry I got in here too late and the proposal has already closed.

I think it is important that we make the 'new user experience' much more instructive. In the next two weeks we are going to be looking closely at the new user experience for the two main cases (starting a group + joining a group), as we build this flow in the new interface.

I'll report progress back in here. I'm not really sure about the idea of a new subgroup - it might be brilliant, or it might be more confusing. I don't really know what the answer is though as I haven't had a good look at it yet.

Carlos Gallo Garavano

Carlos Gallo Garavano March 20th, 2015 09:24

@richarddbartlett Taking into account your comment:
  In the next two weeks .......... esta flow in the new interface.

I make the following comment:
Persons are aware of loomio, in three different ways:
a) receiving an invitation from a member of a group
b) by diffusion of those who use, in Spain myself, with the information of the political party "Podemos"
c) internet browsing, stumbles upon the official website or with a group of public work

In all cases is not taken knowledge about the functioning of loomio

In the first moment is not fundamental be transformed into a expert in groups. Need to be expert in discussions and then expert in creating proposals