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A thread to share news of job opportunities at digital co-ops...


Kayleigh Walsh Outlandish Mon 5 Sep 2016 8:14AM

Thank you @stevenflower, until recently we were looking for developers to work at Outlandish and at times it felt like an uphill struggle. This is a great idea.


Steven Flower Mon 5 Sep 2016 8:15AM

Oh , thanks @kayleighwalsh - you responded whilst I was posting :)


Steven Flower Mon 5 Sep 2016 8:15AM

Hello - we're currently looking for a f/t Python developer to join our co-op: http://opendataservices.coop/jobs/developer.html -- apply by 26th Sept


Harry "Outlandish" Robbins Mon 5 Sep 2016 9:09AM

I think it's probably fair to say we're always looking for very talented and experienced developers. We find there are a lot of junior developers that want training up, and finding enough people to help and support them is more challenging.


It's safe to say that Webarchitects are always looking for more one-off / long term / part-time sysadmin work, we have a lot of Debian, Apache, MySQL etc etc experience, our rates are here and a year ago I wrote a "clients wanted" email which has some suggestions regarding what an ideal client might consist of!


Felix Lozano Mon 5 Sep 2016 3:32PM

Hello - we are looking for, dare I say it, for a .asp & .NET developer to be technical back up, just in case we get stuck. We're only at pitching stage and need only a name for now.
(Rest assured, we are proposing the client moves to open source CMS & .PHP platform)


Ed Russell Mon 5 Sep 2016 3:35PM

Hey Felix - it's been a while! We do classic and .NET (as well as open source, and java / Oracle if you happen to be a bank!). So let us know if you need any help ;-)


Felix Lozano Mon 5 Sep 2016 3:45PM

Of course, thank you. Nice to hear from you after all these years. I will certainly contact you.


Aaron Hirtenstein Thu 8 Sep 2016 2:28PM

While not really looking to employ anyone else at this stage, I think we are all into the idea of employing someone to do sales / business development to ease the burden in this area. tricky, though, as they'd need good knowledge of Drupal and the tech side of things, as well as getting the co-operative values and our own culture whilst being experienced at managing leads / clients etc! It's a pretty big brief, but maybe we're looking at it wrongly.. Any thoughts on this would be welcome!


Harry "Outlandish" Robbins Fri 30 Sep 2016 1:30PM

@aaronhirtenstein I think one of the main potential benefits of the megazord is referrals and being able to share each other's space capacity (sales or production)

We currently have too much work and it looks like we're going to be that way until April.

The thing we need most is a senior developer (ideally Node JS + PHP) but we're probably not alone in that.

If anyone has spare capacity to deliver Node/React/Angular/Synfony/WordPress projects we'd like to hear from you. It's all pretty technical stuff so we do need pretty confident/experienced/talented/hard working developers rather than casual scripters, but we have an interesting mix of projects with plenty of training opportunities.


Chris Croome (Webarchitects Co-operative) Tue 11 Oct 2016 1:39PM

There is a coop jobs board thread today on the Technology worker cooperatives tech-coop@npogroups.org email list about building a website specifically to list tech co-op jobs.


Ed Russell Fri 14 Oct 2016 10:00AM

@harryrobbins I think I've said this before - but if you need help on any of those technologies we've got most in house - the one we don't know too well is React but we've just started a React project so that will change in the next month as we have two of our senior coders learning it furiously (while fixing someone else's shoddy attempt at doing it!)


Harry "Outlandish" Robbins Fri 14 Oct 2016 10:27AM

@edrussell - yep - we'd like to take you up on that. The lovely guys at TableFlip are already helping out but apparently there are "only four of them" and they have "other stuff". Lazy bastards. Let's get you (and maybe another) down for a day to meet our tech and resourcing teams so we can work out what we can most easily package up.


Harry "Outlandish" Robbins Fri 14 Oct 2016 10:45AM

@chriscroome are you aware of fellow hosting co-op http://mediablazehosts.coop/

Might be some opportunities for collaboration/specialisation.


Chris Croome (Webarchitects Co-operative) Fri 14 Oct 2016 11:26AM

Thanks, I hadn't come across them, would be interested to meet them, we are a bit stricter on the use of Free software -- we wouldn't use cPanel or Plesk as a matter of principal and we also try quite hard to be as green as possible -- for example our data centre electricity bills come from Good Energy.


Steven Flower Sat 4 Nov 2017 8:21AM

(apologies for cross-posting)


We're looking for THREE new people to join Open Data Services Co-operative: http://opendataservices.coop/jobs/

Finance and operations manager 0.6 FTE. Closing date 3rd December.

Open standards adoption lead: documentation, training and engagement Full-time or part-time. Closing date 3rd December.

User Interaction Designer: standards, software & documentation Full-time or part-time. Closing date 3rd December.

All posts are home-based (although most current members also access local co-working spaces). Permanent positions. Flat pay for all staff is £36k PA FTE

Please spread the word if you can

Tweet to RT: https://twitter.com/opendatacoop/status/926503868728528898


Felix Lozano Sat 16 Dec 2017 6:59AM

New Business / Marketing Manager

Wave is a small design co-operative based in Hastings. We are looking for a new business and marketing specialist to join our team. We work on both print and online projects which range from branding to complex websites. We are looking for someone who feels as comfortable and excited talking about printed design as well as web, digital and social media.

Our New Business Manager will have a passion for and a good understanding of all kinds of graphic design, will believe in our clients’ aims and share our co-operative values.

This key role needs excellent communication and people skills together with an ability to devise and carry out a creative marketing strategy.

You will be based in our Hastings studio but there will be a need to get out and about – meeting clients, attending events in London and nationwide and generally building relationships with positive and inspirational people.

Wave is a workers’ co-operative so, after a successful probationary period, there will be an opportunity to become a company director and actively contribute to the running and development of the business.

Hours: 35 hours a week
Holiday: 33 days annual leave including Bank Holidays
Salary £22,750 pa

How to apply

See the full job description on our website.

Please apply via email, outlining your key skills, how you would approach this role and why you think you are a good fit for our co-operative. Please include your CV, any other supporting information or links to online content. Send your email to: work@wave.coop with a subject heading of Work for Wave.

Closing date: Monday 15th January
Interviews: Week commencing Monday 22 January

Please, no approaches from recruitment agencies.


Chris Lowis (Go Free Range) Sat 16 Dec 2017 1:32PM

@felixwave we also have a community jobs board at https://community.coops.tech/c/jobs. I think you'll reach a larger audience there.


Felix Lozano Sun 17 Dec 2017 3:41PM

Thank you very much