Fri 21 Oct 2016

The Trap

Joe Public Seen by 363

Capitalism would have me write a book and go on speaking tours selling tickets.

Lease Economy (LE) asks me to be bold and fearless and freely share my creativity and story with others via free outlets that are readily accessible by all. Assume the best and that great things, especially happiness, will come to me via this approach.

Most of us are brainwashed in capitalism at this time. We are trapped into having to lead our life playing by the rules of capitalism.

So how is it that I was able to escape the grasp of capitalism?

First, allow me to send out a huge thank you to my significant other, my wife, who has allowed me to "do my thing" for all so many years. To her credit she's a hard and fast capitalist, but still allowed me to be a semi-non-traditional creative. Of course I needed to - and still need to - work to make $$$ and save the family unit $$$, but I have always spent a lot of time working on my LE model and it's tools. (She gave up this fight with me long ago.)

For many years I held my creations closely and allowed few to see what I had created. Now, as much as possible, I'm trying to live by my own model, being far more open and freely sharing my creations.

This is NOT to say that I am 100% of the way there. I still live in a mostly capitalistic society and MUST work within its rules and conditions.

I alone cannot build the tools that will begin to transition the world from the present model to the LE model. So I've forced to play the game by their rules. So do not be surprised to see me associated with capitalistic pursuits. My real challenge is balancing my actions between the two worlds. Working with others who can actually build the tools and platforms and NOT piss them off with my non-capitalistic tendencies pressing them to be more LE and less capitalistic.

But the good news is the world is already seeing the light and heading in the right direction. There now exist many persons in the world who recognize that what we have is NOT right.

Most people have no idea how to begin. The traditional approach of making little positive changes has only resulted in - an even worse world. So many have even given up trying to make little improvements in their local space.

There are very few persons who speak to starting completely anew with a whole new model. Real positive change only happens slowly and incrementally - evolutionary if you will. I agree! But everything great starts with its story of imagination and possibility. All we really need to start with is the story of possibility. Once in the minds of enough (actually only a few hundred to start) persons and they start sharing with others then the big shift can begin.

LE is just one possible solution path to an improved world. I've been developing products long enough to fully understand what comes out the other side and sits on store shelves will look very different than what first was developed in my mind. The LE story is just a story of hope. It's just a small sapling that grew from a seed. It MUST be co-create and developed further by a team who believe in the same basic mission.

Everyone knows an economic model is at the core of any society and it's a great place to start. But I actually looked deeper into the universe of possibility to look for the core of what's really going on in the universe. I made some great discoveries there - maybe wrong, but they seem to make intuitive sense and explained a lot of what I could see happening in the world.

This LE story in the end CANNOT be about me. It MUST stand on its own and be seen as something many unique individuals with many different POVs and beliefs agree is something to work toward. But at the same time in the early stages of co-development the early adopters are going to want to know who the hell is this guy is and why should I invest my valuable time giving his rantings attention. I know I MUST create a sense of trust. This is only possible by continually being honest and transparent. I invite you to ask questions and probe me and my intentions deeper. Challenge my understanding, beliefs and creations too.

I'm not here to sell anyone anything but a new-found sense of hope. But I do need a lot of help and I hope you will join me to start kicking the much needed shift into gear.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to try to convince you of actually achieving a better tomorrow. I'm 100% convinced it is possible - if only we can leave behind the present model.