Tue 3 Sep 2019

Which organisation would you partner with for a QP?

Jez Nicholson Public Seen by 180

Number 1 in the 2019/20 strategy poll is "Use the quarterly projects to partner with another organisation to leverage their membership/supporters." .....so, any suggestions?


Andy Mabbett Thu 5 Sep 2019

RSPB? They have lots of reserves, and keep modifying the water flows, building hides, making paths, etc, and we could teach their staff or volunteers to keep the relevant bits of the map up-to-date.

Wildlife Trusts, likewise, but each (usually at county level) is independent, with some central administration.


Brian Prangle Fri 6 Sep 2019

Bearing in mind the request from Glasgow for adding new housing developments and the heaps of such sites either missing or partially edited that I found when scanning around for solar panels this would make a good QP. We could seek partnership with the house builders and delivery firms/couriers/taxis) and also build a campaign by asking local authorities to release their new road names before they go into the copyright pit that is the National Street Gazeteer. Also gives lots of opportunity for surveying.


Gregory Williams Sun 8 Sep 2019

As National organisations I think that CyclingUK, Sustrans, and the Ramblers may all be partners whose members could add detail. Specifically for London, London Cycle Campaign is pretty active in encouraging its members to take actions. Perhaps some of those could be adding detail to OSM that they could benefit from, or verifying the recently-discussed cycling data?
Following on from Brian's comments about observations when scanning imagery for the solar QP, I too have observed a number of new housing developments that haven't been mapped yet. In addition I noticed that there's still plenty of buildings to be mapped and the residential paths amongst them, which would provide improved routing. Perhaps these can be candidates for a future QP?


RobJN Mon 9 Sep 2019

All good suggestions so far. Do any of you have existing relationships within these organisations that we can build upon? I think the bigger the organisation the harder it is going to be so a good starting point will really help us.


Gregory Williams Tue 10 Sep 2019

I'm a Sustrans Volunteer Ranger, as are a number of other OSMers. I don't have any particular contacts at the other organisations.


Robert Whittaker Tue 10 Sep 2019

When I suggested this idea, I had in mind a "partnership" where we'd be mapping something of interest to an organisation, and that organisation had an existing volunteer-base that could be engaged to help with the mapping. So a sort of back-door way of recruiting new mappers and raising awareness of OSM.

I'd thought of https://refill.org.uk/ for drinking water fountains/taps. (I think they're more focussed on businesses offering free water, but public water fountains would fit their aim too.)

I'm a Sustrans ranger too. Unfortunately Sustrans seem to be partnering with OS for their mapping needs. (Though NCN and mileposts are already well pretty well mapped in OSM.)


Brian Prangle Tue 17 Sep 2019

We're only 2 weeks away from the next QP and need to get to a decision soon, so we can start preparation. I'd like to suggest formalising the process so we have a deadline some time in advance of the start of a QP in order to begin preparations so we can hit the ground running so to speak. Looking at the progress graph on solar mapping for this QP it looks like it took nearly 4 weeks to take off, so if we culd shorten that time we'd get more done.


RobJN Tue 17 Sep 2019

Hi @brianprangle. We kicked this off to start getting ideas for 2020. It's going to take a while to set up a QP with a partner group and I don't think anyone has started conversations yet (?).

As such we need to pick something from our current (solo project) list.

When we set our 2019/20 strategy 9 people voted for "Focus on map fixes (e.g. a quarterly project on Notes, Fixmes)". This was quite high - in comparison 11 people agreed to the solar QP but there was no alternative to vote for.

So let's do that - a quarterly project on Notes, Fixmes. Gives us a chance to re-look at the quality assurance tools and to tidy up the map a bit.


Jez Nicholson Wed 18 Sep 2019

I would like to see more tooling for notes and fixmes similar to FHRS: splitting by city/area; analysing content; analysing source; looking at age.


Edward Bainton Wed 2 Oct 2019

(Throwback as I've only just heard of this group.) My only serious contact is with Sustrans - and then rather low-key. Disappointed to read that they're 'partnering with OS' - especially having tried to follow many an NCN route and found mapping is not fine-grained enough at some critical junctions. I think most Sustrans volunteers ought to be a reasonable prospect to persuade of the merits of OSM: OSM gives you a very much more engaged experience than much volunteering does.

I would also suggest RSPB & Wildlife Trusts. I think with public-facing charities, being able to say how the map will help them engage their beneficiaries would be useful: eg, ' You can follow an OSM trail round the reserve', etc.

EDIT: maybe the Open Spaces Society, too.