Fri 17 May 2019

5/17/19: LIVE 2pm - Trump addresses Realtors -- host viewing Party offline?

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Anyone from #RE2020 still in DC attending the Realtors midyear convention? The event is so important to Realtor lobbyists that it's hashtag was changed from #NARMidyear to #NARLegislative. Apparently, the 1.3 million-member Realtor group, one of the largest trade associations in the nation, invites sitting presidents to address their members every year.

You can watch Trump via LIVESTREAM and follow tweets using the following links:



In 2016, Trump compared #RealEstate brokers to 'bloodsuckers'


With three class action lawsuits against the industry, will be interesting to see if Trump acknowledges them, particularly in the context of his disparaging comments in the past and an open investigation of barriers to innovation and price competition by the FTC / DOJ. See discussion elsewhere on RE2020 and Tweetstream from 2018 using #realestateFTCDOJ:


If you could ask the president a question, what would it be? Invite you to thread questions below or on Twitter. Should we use hashtag, #Housing2020 and ask other presidential candidates to respond, too?

When Zillow gave the public that opportunity in 2013, they received 1,000's via social media. See happened then as the housing market was recovering from the Great Recession:


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If anyone in Boston would like to meet offline to watch today livestream at 2pm, text Bill Wendel at 617-661-4046


Corey Scholtka Fri 17 May 2019

Wow. I didn’t realize the President makes an appearance for the mighty and powerful NAR... Did Obama and Bush speak at NAR as well?


Bill Wendel Fri 17 May 2019

Hi Corey, I wondered that same thing and remember hearing George Bush and Bill Clinton address the Realtors. Apparently, Presidents address the Realtor's more frequently than I'd guess -- see attended list.

My recollection is that Senator Elizabeth Warren was warmly received when she addressed the Realtor's at their midyear convention last year, May 2018. Will post a link if I can find one.


Bill Wendel Fri 17 May 2019

Nearly an hour into Trump's ramble and the words "affordable housing and fair housing are noticeably absent. In contrast, this tweet thread points to New York times reporter @emilymbadger who "observes a unique trend surfacing in 2020 Presidential campaigns: candidates are finally talking about the cost and availability of #housing."