The Australian Rural and Remote Mental Health Symposium (Virtual)

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According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 29% of Australians (7million) live in rural or remote communities. Mental health services are difficult to access with people in cities receiving 40% more mental health care, yet suicide rates amongst the rural community are 40% higher. The 2020 Australian Rural & Remote Mental Health Virtual Symposium is designed to promote awareness around the issues facing mental health care in remote and rural communities. The symposium also aims to unite people together to face these challenges and provide practical advice and tools to advance rural and remote mental health.


Topics of particular interest this year include:

  • Embers of hope – creating resilience in communities

  • Mental Health Resources for Aboriginal Communities

  • Prevention, prevention, prevention

  • Your life matters – a foundation for resilience

  • You got this mate – Connecting rural men to mental health support.

I have included the links for further information.


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