August 27th, 2017 19:29

Pirate Labs

Valerie D.
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Pirate labs are monthly work meetings: at the same time a project incubator and a way of staying in contact with pirates from other crews.

On this topic page, we discuss ideas for making them better! :rocket:

You're not familiar with labs? Check their main page on the wiki. They take place each month on a Saturday afternoon in Mechelen or Gembloux. They are currently organised according to the "internal democracy guidelines". Different topics are worked on by subgroups. These topics are defined this way: first they are proposed before the meeting on the event wiki page ; then they are finalised at the start of the meeting, on the first round table.
You have an idea for something to be done, and you need help? Labs are the place to be.

Valerie D.

Valerie D. August 27th, 2017 19:36

A suggestion for labs, that has come out from a poll on the Belgian Pirates United facebook page, is to give each lab a theme. It is not clear though how this will work in practice.

But we propose to try on the next lab in Septembre. Proposed theme : Privacy. Another poll on facebook is checking if another would not be preferred.

Renaud Van Eeckhout

Renaud Van Eeckhout September 4th, 2017 18:58

I guess the poll can be concluded now?

Its results are these :

  • Preparation next communal elections 2019. National messages Pirates 9 votes
  • Privacy 2 votes
  • Democracy 1 vote
  • Blockchain 1 vote
  • Basic Income 1 vote

I guess the results are pretty clear. Also I think the people who voted for the elections topic are more likely to be present in Mechelen than in Gembloux, so let's choose this topic?

Renaud Van Eeckhout

Renaud Van Eeckhout September 4th, 2017 19:35

Also : is the venue already booked in Mechelen for the 30/09? I don't know who does that usually but if that person could do it, it would be very kind.

Valerie D.

Valerie D. September 5th, 2017 20:00

let it be then... and let the voters come :)

Renaud Van Eeckhout

Renaud Van Eeckhout September 8th, 2017 12:44

The wiki page of the event has been updated and the Facebook event created.


HgO September 27th, 2017 11:04

Ahoy !

So the Pirate Lab is this Saturday already ! You can put your suggestions for the agenda on the dedicated pad if you want. Anyhow, don't forget to read it before coming, since there might be useful information there also.

@josse Did someone book the venue (Expression) ? Could you confirm this ? Thanks !!


HgO October 3rd, 2017 12:06

I've created the wiki page for the next lab : https://wiki.pirateparty.be/Pirate_Lab/Meeting/28_10_2017 ;) I didn't book the venue yet.

For those who were there this saturday, that would be nice if you could write a short report of your subgroups :) Thanks !

J'ai créé la page wiki du prochain lab : https://wiki.pirateparty.be/Pirate_Lab/Meeting/28_10_2017 ;) Je dois encore réserver la salle.

Pour ceux qui étaient là samedi, pourriez-vous écrire un petit compte-rendu des sous-groupes auxquels vous avez participé ? Ce serait cool :) Merci !


HgO October 27th, 2017 06:39

Hey !

This is a kind reminder for the next Pirate Lab which will take place tomorrow in Gembloux, at 2pm :) Don't forget to read the pad before coming, since suggestions for the agenda happen there ! You can also suggest topics you'd like to discuss tomorrow ;)

See you !

Hey !

Pour rappel, le prochain Pirate Lab aura lieu demain à Gembloux, à 14h :) N'oubliez pas de lire le pad avant la réunion, car c'est là que se trouvent les suggestions pour l'ordre du jour ! Vous pouvez également y suggérer des sujets dont vous aimeriez discuter demain ;)

À demain !

Renaud Van Eeckhout

Renaud Van Eeckhout November 5th, 2017 13:18

The next Pirate Lab will happen in Mechelen, 25/11/2017, at 14:00.

Is the venue already confirmed?

Also, we do the labs usually the last saturday of the month. But for december, that would mean 30/12/2017. Do we keep that day, or do we report it in January (27/01)? I suggest we report it, unless some people here confirm they would come on 30/12.


Vincent November 5th, 2017 21:35

@josse , will we organize something in December (G.A, Social event,...) ? If we do, it makes sense to cancel the lab that month.


Josse November 5th, 2017 22:49

Nothing has been decided yet when that should take place, but I like the idea as previous years we did not do much in December either.


HgO November 7th, 2017 13:42

We could use this event to launch the GA process :) As we did in 2014 ;)

We should start looking for a room and choosing a date now if we want to do this in December, though. Maybe in Brussels ?

Renaud Van Eeckhout

Renaud Van Eeckhout November 24th, 2017 17:25

Reminder : this month's Lab is tomorrow, 2PM, Mechelen!


HgO November 28th, 2017 10:44

Reporting for last lab is available on the wiki ! For those who were there, could check the reporting for the website subgroup ? Thanks !

Next lab will be on 27th January 2018 in Gembloux ;)

Le compte-rendu du dernier lab est sur le wiki ! Pour celles et ceux qui étaient présents, pourriez-vous vérifier le compte-rendu du sous-groupe concernant le website ? Merci !

Le prochain lab aura lieu le 27 janvier 2018 à Gembloux ;)


HgO January 26th, 2018 18:33

Oy !

Tomorrow, it's Saturday AND it's Pirate Lab in Gembloux !
Two great news for the same day !! :D

Don't forget to put your suggestions for the agenda on the pad : https://pad.pirateparty.be/p/Piratelab2018-January ;)


HgO January 27th, 2018 18:57

Here is the report from the lab : https://wiki.pirateparty.be/Pirate_Lab/Meeting/27_01_2018#Reporting

Topics discussed : Brunch feedback, Next GA, Newsletter, Website. We didn't discuss the GDPR, but there are some ressources for next lab.

Those who were there : don't hesitate to improve it, by adding missing things, etc. Thanks!

Next lab will be in Mechelen, on 24th February, 2pm as usual.


HgO February 28th, 2018 15:29

The (small) last lab's report is on the wiki : https://wiki.pirateparty.be/Pirate_Lab/Meeting/24_02_2018#Reporting

There is a discussion ongoing regarding the change made on the website's menu : https://www.loomio.org/d/xLeNXk9Q/tools-dropdown-on-current-site

Next lab be in Gembloux, on 31th March, 2pm ;)


HgO March 30th, 2018 18:24

Ahoy ! This is a kind reminder for the lab of tomorrow in Gembloux :) Hope to see you there ! ;)

Don't forget to add your suggestions for the agenda on the pad if you plan to come !


HgO April 4th, 2018 12:50

Report of the Pirate Lab of March is available here : https://wiki.pirateparty.be/Pirate_Lab/Meeting/31_03_2018#Reporting :)


HgO May 5th, 2018 12:34

Ahoy ! The report of the Pirate Lab of April can be found there : https://wiki.pirateparty.be/Pirate_Lab/Meeting/28_04_2018#Reporting

As I wasn't in the subgroup Website, please check that everything is correct.

Next lab will be on 26th May 2018, in Gembloux. A part of this lab should be dedicated to the feedback / follow up of the GA (19th May).


HgO May 25th, 2018 15:29

Reminder : tomorrow is the Pirate Lab in Gembloux ! Don't forget to indicate on the pad below if you plan to come, and don't hesitate to add your suggestions for the agenda ;)



Rappel : demain, c'est le Pirate Lab à Gembloux ! N'oubliez pas d'indiquer sur le pad ci-dessus si vous comptez venir, et n'hésitez pas à ajouter vos suggestions pour l'agenda ;)


HgO June 22nd, 2018 15:24

Le prochain Pirate Lab aura lieu le samedi 30 juin à 14h, au Café Expression à Malines. Toutes les infos se trouvent sur la page wiki de l'évènement [0].

@josse (ou quelqu'un d'autres) : tu t'occupes de réserver la salle ? :)

Comme d'habitude, voici le pad avec vos suggestions pour l'ordre du jour [1].

The next Pirate Lab will be on Saturday 30th June, at 2pm, Café Expression, Mechelen. You'll find all the practical details on the wiki page of the event [0].

@josse (or someone else) : could you book the room ? :)

As usual, here is the pad where you can make your suggestions to the agenda [1].

[0] https://wiki.pirateparty.be/Pirate_Lab/Meeting/30_06_2018
[1] https://pad.pirateparty.be/p/Piratelab2018-June

Renaud Van Eeckhout

Renaud Van Eeckhout July 22nd, 2018 10:59

Hello, the next Pirate Lab was supposed to happen next saturday 28th July, but many of the people who come usually already confirmed their absence. In order to avoid making people move to Gembloux for no reason, the Lab is cancelled unless a handful of Pirates really want to go.

Le prochain Lab était prévu ce samedi 28 juillet, mais comme beaucoup de pirates qui viennent d'habitude ont déjà confirmé leur absence, il est annulé sauf si plusieurs pirates tiennent vraiment à y aller. Ca évitera de faire le déplacement pour rien pour les autres.


HgO August 21st, 2018 14:07

Does anybody plan to come at the next Pirate Lab, which should be on saturday 25th August ? Please let me know :) so I can create the wiki page. However, I won't be able to come to this Lab, as I have already something that day... :/

Y a-t-il des gens qui comptent venir au prochain Pirate Lab, lequel devrait avoir lieu ce samedi 25 août ? Merci de me le dire, que je puisse créer la page wiki :) Je ne pourrai pas venir au lab malheureusement : j'ai déjà quelque chose de prévu le même jour... :/


Josse August 21st, 2018 16:19

Idem. I am trying to continue the work on the website though.

Ilja Baert

Ilja Baert September 26th, 2018 17:50

Will there be a lab in October? It's already end of September and there's no lab :astonished:
Time :clap: to :clap: get :clap: clapping :clap:


HgO September 26th, 2018 21:53

Well there could be a lab in September, but with the citizen list in LLN it's impossible for me this Saturday.

So I'm okay for 27th October :clap:


HgO started a poll October 8th, 2018 10:05

Where will we hold the next Pirate Lab ? Closed 12:03pm - Monday 15 Oct 2018

by Jan Van Opstal October 19th, 2018 11:31

A new place somewhere in between?

Ahoy !

Next Pirate Lab will be on 27th October, but we need to decide the location for this lab.

Last time was in Mechelen, but it was in June… For Gembloux, we would need to check with @vincent15 if D'autres mondes is still available for us.

Please vote only if you plan to come to the lab

2 - Mechelen (Expression)
2 - Gembloux (D'autres Mondes)

Koen De Voegt October 8th, 2018 10:08

Mechelen (Expression)
Renaud Van Eeckhout

Renaud Van Eeckhout October 8th, 2018 10:10

Gembloux (D'autres Mondes)

Michel Braibant October 9th, 2018 09:21

Gembloux (D'autres Mondes)
Jan Van Opstal

Jan Van Opstal October 14th, 2018 12:41

Mechelen (Expression)
Ilja Baert

Ilja Baert October 15th, 2018 16:20

So what will it be then? :laughing: I'm counting two for Mechelen and two for Gembloux lmao :laughing:
Maybe next time we should ask for motivation or something? Like '"I choose A, 'cause B is impossible for me" or "I choose B, but I wouldn't mind A" or ...
Maybe that's a bit easier to find consensus :slight_smile:


HgO October 15th, 2018 16:48

Well, since I didn't vote : it'll be in Gembloux this time :p Main argument : last time it was in Mechelen. I hope there isn't any objection for this solution ?

I like your proposition Ilja, but loomio didn't offer this kind of poll.. (of course we can hack the system )

Ilja Baert

Ilja Baert October 15th, 2018 17:20

With OpenSondage (aka framadate) we could do something like pic. Not perfect, but a little more granular. It'll take people of Loomio then ofc. Not sure if that's a good UX?

Christophe Cop

Christophe Cop October 19th, 2018 12:17

If there is a decision on date and time: I really like to join.
I'd like to discuss the next elections + approach & prep of next GA.


HgO October 19th, 2018 12:25

We will do this lab in Gembloux (see the discussion above). I'm currently checking with Vincent if the venue is available. We will have more information tomorrow.

Also, see the wiki page for details : https://wiki.pirateparty.be/Pirate_Lab/Meeting/27_10_2018 I suggest you to add topics you'd like to discuss on the pad


HgO October 26th, 2018 13:28

The venue for the Pirate Lab of tomorrow is confirmed. Please note that it's not a the same address as usual : Rue Léopold 6, in Gembloux (it's just 100m away from the usual venue). All practical details are on the wiki : https://wiki.pirateparty.be/Pirate_Lab/Meeting/27_10_2018

The lab starts at 2pm ! You can add what you'd like to discuss on this pad : https://pad.pirateparty.be/p/Piratelab2018-October

See you !

Renaud Van Eeckhout

Renaud Van Eeckhout October 30th, 2018 13:06

I added about half of the (very light) report of this month' lab is on the wiki, would it be possible if people who participated in the other subgroups (Elections Vlaanderen, Project AGORA) added their report please?

Next Lab is 24/11, in Mechelen. Find the practical information on the wiki.

Renaud Van Eeckhout

Renaud Van Eeckhout January 9th, 2019 14:21

Bonjour ! Comme le local habituel à Gembloux n'est pas disponible, on est à la recherche d'un local pour accueillir le lab de ce 26 janvier. Je pense que @patrickinstalle regarde aussi de son côté ? On en a parlé hier à notre réunion de Liège et on a quelques pistes potentielles, avec confirmation rapide à la clé. Une de ces pistes a un inconvénient : la salle doit être libérée à 16h. Serait-ce un problème pour vous de commencer le lab plus tôt, genre 12h, si on sélectionne cet endroit ?

Aussi, on a très envie que vous soyiez présents, on a besoin de votre feedback sur notre travail concernant l'écologie qui en cours durant tout ce mois, ça nous aiderait énormément.


Hello ! As the usual venue in Gembloux is not available, we are looking for a space to host the lab on January 26th. I think @patrickinstalle also looks from his side? We discussed this yesterday at our meeting in Liège and we have some potential leads, with quick confirmation. One of these venues has a disadvantage: the room must be vacated at 4pm. Would it be a problem for you if the lab started earlier, like 12:00, if we select this place?

Also, we'd love if you were present, as we need your feedback on our work on environment, which we're working on this whole month. It would be very helpful to us.

Patrick Installé

Patrick Installé January 10th, 2019 12:28

Ahoy, Il est possible d'occuper une salle à Tubize (Taverne de la gare en face de la gare de Tubize) l'après-midi de ce samedi 26 janvier 2019. La salle est gratuite mais il faut prendre les consommations dans le café. Je confirme (ou pas) ce dimanche.

Ahoy, it's possible to occupy a room at Tubize (Tubeke) (Taverne de la gare in front of the train station). The room is free but the drink should be taken at the tavern. I will confirm (or not) this Sunday.

Valerie D.

Valerie D. January 10th, 2019 18:23

in LLN, nothing available for free :-( as far as I can think

Renaud Van Eeckhout

Renaud Van Eeckhout January 12th, 2019 20:01

Tubize should be ok for pirates from Liège too, as we didn't have the information on our side either. So if you can confirm it @patrickinstalle it would be perfect, and thank you for your search!


Michel Braibant January 12th, 2019 20:24

We still have the Nulle Part Ailleurs. As long as people are drinking a little bit, the owner will open for us.


Josse January 16th, 2019 18:54

Can we have a decision on this, so we can publish it on the wiki e.g.. We can still do Mechelen if null part ailleurs does not work.

Patrick Installé

Patrick Installé January 16th, 2019 22:56

The room is reserved for the saturday 26 January 2019 from 14 to 17 o'clock n Tubize. The address is "Taverne de la gare" Plateau de la Gare 33, 1480 Tubize. It's just in front of the station (at the opposite of the bus station). For the pirates who leave near brussels and comes by train, the keycard could be used (list of the station could be found in http://www.belgianrail.be/fr/gares/recherche-gares/20/tubize.aspx). Be careful for the car parking they are generaly limited to 2h (blue area).
The room is free but we must take our drink in the cafe.

Renaud Van Eeckhout

Renaud Van Eeckhout January 17th, 2019 17:09

Merci @patrickinstalle :)

Wiki page : https://wiki.pirateparty.be/Pirate_Lab/Meeting/26_01_2019

Renaud Van Eeckhout

Renaud Van Eeckhout January 26th, 2019 21:34

Today's Lab's report is online on the wiki. Other participants are welcome to check/edit/improve the meeting report - @hgo @josse @patrickinstalle @assiakara

Next Lab is 23/02 in Mechelen


HgO March 30th, 2019 17:18

Today's Lab's report is online on the wiki : https://wiki.pirateparty.be/Pirate_Lab/Meeting/30_03_2019
Other participants are welcome to check / improve the meeting report (hey @patrickinstalle @iljabaert :grin:)

Next Lab is on 27 April in Mechelen.


HgO April 25th, 2019 14:41

Ahoy ! Is there anybody who plan to come to the Pirate Lab of this 27 April ? I can come, but I wouldn't want to go to Mechelen for nothing :sweat_smile:

Ilja Baert

Ilja Baert April 25th, 2019 15:54

Me: one-person subgroup
@hgo : one-person lab

Ilja Baert

Ilja Baert April 25th, 2019 15:56

One potential problem I see if no one goes is that it's always possible that people that we don't know will be there. We had that last time in Mechelen, what if this happens again and no one is there?


HgO April 25th, 2019 20:49

That's why I'd like to know if pirates will be there, otherwise we could cancel the event on the wiki, hoping that they will see it on time ^

Ilja Baert

Ilja Baert April 25th, 2019 20:51

The on time is what I worry about if it's this saterday already :/


HgO April 25th, 2019 20:54

I know… But I'm sure of one thing : I don't want to come if I'm not sure there will be at least one attendee…

Ilja Baert

Ilja Baert April 25th, 2019 20:59

Yeah, I can understand that. Prob best to just cancel it asap then (remove from calendar if possible or make it very clear that it's cancelled + explanation why it's cancelled).

But it does show a problem to me if we can't guarantee continuity

Ilja Baert

Ilja Baert April 25th, 2019 21:01

Let me rephrase that. It's a problem if we can't guarantee continuity while people expect it (and currently it's expected)


HgO April 26th, 2019 21:35

Jean-François told me that he would maybe be there tomorrow, so that means we wouldn''t have to cancel the Lab :) He'll confirm his presence tomorrow in the morning.


HgO April 27th, 2019 10:14

I confirm that the Pirate Lab is… confirmed ^


HgO May 25th, 2019 17:38

The venue for the Pirate Lab of May is confirmed. Keep in mind that we changed both the date and the location. It will be on 1st June (or 32nd May) and in Braine-l'Alleud, at the Taverne Georges (Rue de l'Ancien Bourg 7), at 5min walk from the station :


Don't forget to indicate on the pad the topics you'd want to discuss : https://pad.pirateparty.be/p/Piratelab2019-May


HgO June 26th, 2019 18:48

Next Pirate Lab will be on this Saturday (29/06) in Mechelen :
However, as far as I know we didn't book the venue… @josse (or someone else) could you do it ? Thanks !

You can add your suggestions for the agenda on this pad :

Renaud Van Eeckhout

Renaud Van Eeckhout October 22nd, 2019 15:37


Next Pirate Lab is this Saturday 26/10 in Tubize (right next to the train station) : https://wiki.pirateparty.be/Pirate_Lab/Meeting/26_10_2019

There is a pad for those who want to come, please do tell if you intend to come, it's more practical for those who will be present :)

Renaud Van Eeckhout

Renaud Van Eeckhout November 5th, 2019 11:58

Our next Pirate Lab will take place on Saturday 30/11 in Ixelles/Elsene : https://wiki.pirateparty.be/Pirate_Lab/Meeting/30_11_2019

As usual, there is a pad in the link for people who want to participate :)

Renaud Van Eeckhout

Renaud Van Eeckhout December 2nd, 2019 14:08

The report of this Saturday's Lab is on the wiki. Check/complete if you participated please :)

Next Lab should take place on January, 25th at the same place in Brussels. The venue still has to be confirmed though. The pad for this Lab is already open for your contributions!

Renaud Van Eeckhout

Renaud Van Eeckhout January 18th, 2020 18:19

Reminder : the Lab is in 1 week, Saturday 25/01

Rappel : le Lab est dans 1 semaine, Samedi 25/01

Renaud Van Eeckhout

Renaud Van Eeckhout March 16th, 2020 17:18

Next Lab was supposed to be 28/03, but you know, coronavirus, and probably no possibility to circulate at all at that moment.

What about doing this online? Using a video-conference tool like Jitsi Meet or another. I think @Ilja Baert already suggested the idea a few months ago, maybe now is the ideal time to try this out and learn about a tool that could be helpful?


Josse March 16th, 2020 18:12

Is there an open source program that works in the meantime? Our experiences last time were not the best. Could be because of hw factors too, but it would be good to test the right tool at forehand if we want to do this.

Ilja Baert

Ilja Baert March 16th, 2020 19:42

I don't remember suggesting this, but I don't mind taking credit :p

  • For the IT-squad we've used https://talky.io/bemybigbrother in the past

  • Jitsi meet indeed seems an option as well https://jitsi.org/jitsi-meet/

  • We could even install Jitsi on parley (assuming it doesn't take up too much resources)

  • Maybe other options...? Idk

If we want to be in time for the lab, we still have this week and next weekend to prepare, so I'm all for it.

The way I see it, it'll need to be

  • easy accessible (preferably via webbrowser)

  • easy to split into subgroups

  • (and obviously, as josse also mentioned, floss)

I haven't really got any experience with such apps, so checking it out will be from scratch for me, but we'll see. I'll try to experiment a bit this week. Feel free to all do the same ;)

We also had someone new planning to come (they contacted the IT mailadres), so we'll need to let them know as well.


Josse March 16th, 2020 21:50

@Ilja Baert Before you start installing, talk to me on Jitsi. https://meet.jit.si/pirate

Ilja Baert

Ilja Baert March 17th, 2020 06:15

@Josse Ah, you have a room already? Awesome! I'll try to be there tonight around 18h!

Patrick Installé

Patrick Installé March 17th, 2020 10:51

I am ready to test jitsy via it's web interface. I join https://meet.jit.si/pirate

Renaud Van Eeckhout

Renaud Van Eeckhout March 17th, 2020 18:16

@Patrick Installé @Ilja Baert and myself just tested the videoconferencing tool mentioned above (Jitsi Meet).

Globally, it went fine. Some remarks we made are on the pad of the Lab: https://pad.parley.be/p/Piratelab2020-March

This means the Lab can happen at the expected date (28/03), just online, for people who want to join. The link of the videoconference room is this one : https://meet.jit.si/Piratelab2020-March

This info has been added already to the wiki page of the event.

So, see you during this month's lab!