Tue 23 Jul 2019

7/24/19: #ICLV19 LIVESTREAM starts w/ Consumer Manifesto 11:30am

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Can hardly pull myself away from the LIVEstream of Mueller testimony to write this but at 11:30am EST today, Inman News begins broadcasting their own LIVE coverage of #ICLV -- their semi-annual RETEch conference. If you're a member of Inman Select, you'll be able to view watch this Keynote online using the link below:

The Inman Interview: The Consumer Manifest (8:30am)
Brad Inman Founder, Inman
Clelia Peters President, Warburg Realty

If you're NOT a member, recommend following on Twitter using this link:


Willing to meet offline in Harvard Square or somewhere nearby for a pop-up watch party today or over the next three days. Will also host a RETech debriefing offline as Tweeted below:

"Will be hard to watch LIVESTREAM from #ICLV today while following Mueller testimony before Congress. Assume consumer advocates will also give pre-impeachment revelations priority too so hosting #ICLV debriefing offline in Boston, 7/29 - 23rd annvsry of #Nader roundtable at RECafe

— Bill Wendel (@RealEstateCafe) July 24, 2019 

Invite everyone to use #RE2020's channel on Loomio to make PUBLIC comments, but invite fellow real estate consumer advocates and RETech innovators who'd like to discuss developments -- including the announcement of Amazon's entry into real estate yesterday -- PRIVATELY on RealEstateCafe's Basecamp.

DM, text or call 617-661-4046 if you'd like to be added or record a response via podcast this week.

Bill Wendel