Wed 28 Aug 2013 12:35PM

Edit Post feature

BC Balasankar C Public Seen by 106

Is it possible to bring an "Edit Post" feature to Diaspora, so as to save time from deleting an erroneous post and reposting the correct one.

PS : It is my first time, starting a discussion in loom.io. I don't know if this is the correct procedure to do so. Sorry, if I am wrong.


Faldrian Wed 28 Aug 2013 12:43PM

There are some reasons why there is no such feature.
I think one reason may be the federation-protocol, but I don't know enough for that.

One other reason: If you reshare some post, the content is copied - so changes made afterwards will not be in reshared.

And I think the major reason there is no such feature yet: If you write a post, people start commenting and liking and you - as a malicious user - change the content to something very nasty, all people that made positive comments will be quite upset and if you take a screenshot of that and promote your nasty post with all that positive reactions .. hm.

I think there already were some discussions and I don't remember what was the best thing that could be done to implement an edit-function, but maybe it's worth to take a look.


goob Wed 28 Aug 2013 1:05PM

Hi Balasankar, and welcome to Loomio.

You've made your proposal correctly, although as it's a proposal for a feature, it would be better in the 'Feature proposals' sub-group. Hopefully one of the admins will move it there.

As to adding an edit post feature, my views are those of Faldrian: technically it would not be advisable, as federation of data between pods is nowhere near good enough at this point, and so different versions of your post would exist on different pods, and people would be commenting on different versions of your post and their comments showing up in the streams of people on different pods under different versions of the text to that they commented on.. (you can see what a mess it would be!). Also, from a social point of view, it is a worrying thing to do, for exactly the reason Faldrian states: someone could maliciously elicit positive comments and then change the post to something outrageous. Even without malicious actions, it will lead to people's comments being under text they didn't actually comment on.

The answer lies in the Preview button. In this way you can check and correct your posts before you post them, rather than afterwards.

If you really make a mess of a post, the best thing to do is to delete it and repost a corrected version.


Balasankar C Wed 28 Aug 2013 1:10PM

Ah.. yes. I hadn't thought of federation and the problems associated with its absence. And I agree to both these replies. As of now, "Preview" is the best option.