Mon 20 Jan

Action Points for Local Groups - Stage 1 Listening and Learning (Community Democracy)

Vishal Public Seen by 255

Hi all,

Some of the feedback the Community Democracy team we have been receiving has led us to a plan of having a range of low risk, minimum training required Action Points for any group to start developing the groundwork of Community Democracy.

We have listed these in on "Stage 1 - Listening and Learning" and they can be found here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N-8TKC9SdsdlLvfq_seCZa5HyV7NydvqklIXr51OOJY/edit

It isn't comprehensive nor is it confidently complete so your input and suggestions are strongly desired. It is also intended to be non- intimidating so may lack in some detail for the sake of keeping it understandable and simple

What this doesn't include:
Stage 2 = Assemblies and Deliberation
Stage 3 = Community Action

These will require more thought and training and we aren't at the stage of providing such guidance yet.

Please add any comments below :-)



Stefan Haselwimmer Mon 20 Jan

Is it possible to structure the recommendations in an open source and non-XR-specific way so groups that do not want to be labelled XR (for whatever reason) can use the same techniques to improve climate democracy?


Jane Coker Mon 20 Jan

This is incredibly useful


Joexr Tue 21 Jan

It is a very useful document. Great work.


Andrea Grainger Wed 29 Jan

Thanks Vish.

Who is the 'community democracy team' ?