Sat 15 Feb 2020

Empathy Cafe: Share Your XR Vision 2020: Wednesday, March 4 and 18

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We just held an Empathy Circle with Rupert Read and Skeena Rathor,  discussing the 'pamphlet, 'RUSHING THE EMERGENCY, RUSHING THE REBELLION? STORY AND VISION FOR XR IN 2020' by Rupert Read, Skeena Rathor, Marc Lopatin.

They write: "But right now, XR is at a turning point. What happens next is its most important decision to date. It could propel us all to new heights in 2020, or see us plagued by the incoherence that many of you have been feeling since last October’s Rebellion." p.3

What do you think about this paper and vision? 

Empathy Circle: Extinction Rebellion Vision 2020  
For Video and Notes see:  http://j.mp/38rj0Q4 

Join us in the Upcoming Empathy Cafes: Share Your Vision-Story for XR 2020 and Beyond. 
* Wednesday, March 4 : Empathy Cafe: Discuss XR Vision 2020
* Wednesday, March 18: Empathy Cafe: Discuss XR Vision 2020

What I Like about Empathy Circles - Rupert Read

"The process was definitely more useful than I thought it would be. The non-judgement aspect was really useful....What became clear to me increasingly over the course of the time we spent together, is actually this is a real way to clarify thinking." ― Rupert Read

What I Like about Empathy Circles - Skeena Rathor
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"I'm thinking about how do we use Empathy Circles to create the new story and the vision? Our pamphlet isn't 'The Story' and 'The Vision'. It's a question mark around how we create it and what ingredients are in that story or might be in that story... I think Empathy Circles could be useful in that co-creating of a story. " ― Skeena Rathor

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Ben Stollery Tue 3 Mar 2020

Wow, this was great! 'XR listens' I think is exactly what we need to be doing - and this look a great tool to use. Looking forward to having a go at it tomorrow morning at your Cafe, especially around Rupert and Skeena's excellent pamphlet. Many thanks, Ben


Michael Clark Sun 8 Mar 2020

'SONG. We Will Never Surrender By Extinction Rebellion'



Michael Clark Sun 8 Mar 2020

URGENT:  E-Scooters.  Solution to E-Scooters.

Greenpeace agree with this idea.

For Towns 'streets and roads', make one Pavement for Pedestrians, (Painted Green), and the opposite Pavement would be for Bicycles and little Electric Scooters, (Paint Red or Blue). Parents won't get there car out if they know there child can ride to School safely’,( and Adults to work ), cutting Pollution and Congestion. ‘No injuries’, so no Ambulances or Hospitals needed and no problem parking around Schools.

The Government are about to allow E-Scooters on to our Roads, so this needs to be implemented as soon as possible, because children will be injured and killed if we don’t do this straight away.