August 3rd, 2018 09:57

Open Data Camp 6, Aberdeen Sat 3 Nov 2018

Jez Nicholson (Director)
Jez Nicholson (Director) Public Seen by 286

A few of us OSM UKers have previously attended Open Data Camp unconferences and are probably attending the next one in Aberdeen https://www.eventbrite.com/e/open-data-camp-6-aberdeen-tickets-48364030116 in November. It would seem sensible to promote OSM there seeing as it is a major UK open data player.

I set the ball rolling (gave it a nudge anyway) for a Joy Diversion event similar to Open Data Manchester's. There is no Easyjet flight back until the Sunday afternoon so attendees will still be there.

Any more ideas/suggestions/discussion?

Gregory Marler (former Director)

Gregory Marler (former Director) September 10th, 2018 10:57

I've got a ticket for Open Data Camp so I'll also be there.
Not sure how much around the event, but I'll be booking my train tickets soon.

Jez Nicholson (Director)

Jez Nicholson (Director) September 20th, 2018 08:09

With both Greg and I going to this event it would be good to demonstrate to people OSM in Aberdeen. Anyone got any examples? I have currently got from Rob's tools:

Gregory Marler (former Director)

Gregory Marler (former Director) September 20th, 2018 13:37

Sessions at Open Data Camp are more discussions from a proposed question, than a talk.

As a session, I was thinking about proposing "Is it mapped?"
People can suggest something of interest. With my immense knowledge (and online search) I find out the appropriate tagging you should use to map it, and maybe share how well it gets mapped or how appropriate it is to be mapping it.

Which kind of fits into what you suggested Jez. We could adjust it to other places that people are from, but good to focus on Aberdeen as default.

I might also be able to tack on a "how to edit OSM" workshop to my proposal. If it's very popular the organisers can put it as a separate session.

Jez Nicholson (Director)

Jez Nicholson (Director) September 20th, 2018 13:51

Are you on Slack? There is area for ODCamp session suggestions (although not necessary) https://opendatacamp.slack.com/messages/C43RB14MB

Gregory Marler (former Director)

Gregory Marler (former Director) September 20th, 2018 13:55

Not on that slack workgroup (erg slack).
Need to contact the administrator to get an invite, so I'll try and figure out who that is.

Gregory Marler (former Director)

Gregory Marler (former Director) September 20th, 2018 14:30

Anyone can get an invite, go to https://opendatacamp.herokuapp.com/

Jez Nicholson (Director)

Jez Nicholson (Director) November 8th, 2018 10:51

I attended Open Data Camp https://www.odcamp.uk/ in Aberdeen last weekend along with Gregory Marler and Jerry Clough (sk53). Gregory ran an intro to OSM session, Open Data Manchester ran a Joy Diversion, and there were many mentions of OSM throughout the weekend. All-in-all, OSM in the UK was well represented.

A particular lesson I brought back was about 'best practices for building community' https://github.com/digitalWestie/open-engagement/blob/master/OE-BEST-PRACTICE.md ....which is what OSMUK is all about.

Gregory Marler (former Director)

Gregory Marler (former Director) November 13th, 2018 12:38

Worth noting, that the Open Data Camp website has notes and images taken during the sessions. The easiest way is usually to look at the session grid.

Jerry led a "What's missing off OSM because it's male pale and stale people that contribute" session.
There was also a session about the Geospatial Commission. As Jez says there was a lot of mention of OSM in other sessions and breaks too.