Diaspora Packaging Hackathon at Thrissur

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A packaging hackathon is going to be conducted at Thrissur on 16th & 17th of July. The main idea is to help in finishing the packaging of Diaspora v0.7.5 for Debian. A big thanks to @praveenarimbrathod and @sruthi who did undertake the challenge and have already packaged many dependencies for the same. You can find the remaining dependencies that need to be packaged at git.fosscommunity.in.

Since this was not a big and well-planned event we may have to limit ourselves with a handful of people due to the limitations with the available space. Proper location is not fixed yet, anyway it'll be within 5km of Thrissur town. If anyone is interested to join please feel free to comment here. In case if so many people are interested we can arrange another event soon based on date & location poll. :)

Edit: Location Confirmed.
1st Floor, Plot no: 102,
Priyadarshini Nagar,
Housing Colony, Paravattany


mujeebcpy July 10th, 2018 16:11

i will be there :-)


Athul July 11th, 2018 01:16

Not available there.. I ll join next time


joice July 11th, 2018 02:37

not sure, will try

Manu Krishnan T V

Manu Krishnan T V July 11th, 2018 14:16

Working days. Can't attend.


Tanzeem MB July 12th, 2018 19:14

Busy, Can't attend,

Kiran S Kunjumon

Kiran S Kunjumon July 14th, 2018 04:43

I will be there