October 23rd, 2012 07:26

Daily email digest

Aaron Thornton
Aaron Thornton Public Seen by 48

This feature is to help increase engagement by providing a summary of activity since you last looked. It also shows first proposals that are closing soon you are yet to decide on.
The format of the digest is through email, which suits people who dont have the loomio client open all the time. The digest will have a setting to turn it off for those of you who dont need it.


This needs to be thrown around as it is only a first draft. We do want to get this feature in soon so dont hesitate with suggestions.

 vivien maidaborn

vivien maidaborn October 23rd, 2012 08:00

I think this is important engagement strategy and also broadens Loomio appeal to poeple who really are stuck on email. The click through is really important and I am loving the ability to switch it off. My only concern is that we test it with 5 users and get their feedback

Richard D. Bartlett

Richard D. Bartlett October 23rd, 2012 19:34

Very cool. Great day's work Aaron! User test before developing please :)

Benjamin Knight

Benjamin Knight October 23rd, 2012 21:19

Awesome start on important challenge! I'd love to see the most important info laid out extremely clearly right up the top [proposals closing soon, particularly ones still requiring your input, proposals that you started, and whatever else users tell us they'd most like to see], with more detailed/less urgent info underneath. Would be great to give the important stuff lots of space to be super readable and obvious.

Alanna Irving

Alanna Irving October 25th, 2012 20:09

Looks good! I think a daily digest email would be a great way to engage more users. But please make receiving it optional in preferences!

Jon Lemmon

Jon Lemmon October 26th, 2012 00:42

This looks great. I quite like the way proposals are indented inside of discussions.

Aaron Thornton

Aaron Thornton November 29th, 2013 22:50

I year later it returns...

@robertguthrie, @jdoud any feedback

Rob Guthrie

Rob Guthrie November 29th, 2013 23:16

Looks great! Hit me up anytime to have a chat if you want some advice on implementation