Reconciliation of the Western Balkans region

Vasilije Krivokapić Public Seen by 293

Vasilije Krivokapić Tue 3 Apr 2018

Hello everybody,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the consultation group that will address the issue of reconciliation in the Western Balkans region, which is part of creating the CSF Legacy Brief. The road to complete reconciliation in the WB6 is a treacherous one, where interest for its conclusion is high, but a lot is still needed to be done. Therefore, we hope that we can together, during this Online Consultation Process, aid the efforts to bring the reconciliation process to its final conclusion.


Vasilije Krivokapić Thu 5 Apr 2018

Hello everybody!
We welcome you to take part in the Online Consultation Process that will address the issue of reconciliation. We hope that the questions enlisted bellow will instigate a fruitful discussion.
- What have been the main steps taken by your government to enable full reconciliation of the region? How has the civil sector contributed to these efforts?
- Please enlist all relevant documents, publications, policy briefs etc. made by your or other CSOs in your country about reconciliation.
- What internal mechanisms have been used to address the issue of reconciliation? How much is the media involved in this process?
- What have been and what are still the main obstacles internally for enabling reconciliation to take place?

Please, feel free to join the discussion and contribute to the creation of the CSF Legacy.