Tue 20 Jun 2017

contact@commonstransition.org doesn't work

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Hi !

I wanted to send a mail to contact@commonstransition.org to subscribe myself to the wiki, but the mail didn't send itself.

I had a mail returning and error : 550 relay not permitted

Does someone know what it means ?


Javier Arturo Rodriguez Wed 21 Jun 2017

Hello Draft, I'm the sysadmin and P2PF tech lead.
The MX configuration was a bit off, but it should work now.
Thanks for the report!


Michel Bauwens Mon 10 Jul 2017

adding stacco and ann-marie in cc to make sure they see this,



Xavier Veciana Mon 26 Feb 2018

I am also having problems with the e-mail at Commons Transition and P2P Foundation web sites. I have sent several e-mails but I did not succeed to get any answer.
Can you look if there is a problem or tell me if the contact feature is supposed to work or be answered by someone?