Wed 22 Jan

Community meeting agenda discussion groups.

Yon Public Seen by 153

Hi Folks!

So we have an upcoming community meeting on the 2nd of Feb. 1pm in the yellow room at the Apple Tree pub (top floor). See Facebook for more details and logistics.

We are shifting the format of community meetings, so that they are more engaging and relevant for everyone, and so that they fit in with how we now use loomio. Loomio is where we make decisions, community meetings are to engage with each other, share information, spark interesting ideas, etc.

As part of this shift we are moving to having discussion groups for different topics, so we don't all have to sit around listening to information and debates that aren't relevant us individually.

Another part of this is decentralising and empowering every community member to be able to bring forward and facilitate discussion topics. That's what this loomio thread is about. Empowering all of us to set the topics for discussion at our community meetings.

So, what topics would you like to discuss at this community meeting?


Yon Wed 22 Jan

One topic I've already been asked to put in is for theme camp, covering camp safety guideline, risk self assessments, liability, etc.


xavier dubruille Wed 22 Jan

Put on another thread but nobody answered :

What about the idea of having ticket allocated to the theme camps to make sure that motivated and activities bringer people can manage a ticket?


Yon Thu 23 Jan

Interesting. A guess the larger topic would be about ticketing. Certainly could be an area for discussion.


Martin Evans Sat 25 Jan

Many burns have some kind of allocation for theme-camps-that-have-been-before but also a pre-sale voucher for previous volunteers. NEST doesn't have either of these, Just saying, but worth discussing.
(Also, and this is entirely personal, but a Senior Over-65 ticket would be very welcome.)


Mands Connolly Thu 30 Jan

Hi Yon, I though I saw a post about those that wanted to remote in. This is an interesting point as if we are gonna run "break out" sessions, that'll be tricky. Did anyone have any ideas of how to let those that can't attend, know whats been discussed? thanks


Yon Thu 30 Jan

Hi Mands, great question and it's something I've been thinking about in regards to this new setup.

What I'd like to do is when we start splitting off into 'break outs' is to ask for 1 person in each break out to host a seperate google hangout or zoom for that group. We can then post these to the main stream and then people can join separate groups as they wish.

That's the concept at least. It's the first time we're doing this, so I imagine there will be teething issues. But we'll see. :-)


Yon Thu 30 Jan

I'd like to run a little conversation for people new to burns, a sort of Q&A and general discussion, as well as an opportunity to chat about the community. :-)