September 28th, 2018 13:20

OpenGift & Philtech Initiative contest for developers

Slava Belykh
Slava Belykh Public Seen by 226

This Saturday (13th of October), 1 pm GMT, we are going to start our seventh online #hackathon!

We are happy to announce that upcoming hackathon will be launched together with Philtech Initiative.

The winner will get $1500.

This time the task will be #Python related.
Join here — https://opengift.io/hackathon/

  1. Hackathon details to be announced to all participants in one time
  2. You'll have no more than 10 days for completing the task
  3. The results will be published simultaneously as links on GitHub
  4. The winner is selected by a jury by simple majority of votes
  5. The winner takes the entire prize fund

#hackathon #hackatons #opensource #python

Pirate Praveen

Pirate Praveen September 28th, 2018 17:22

@slavabelykh I think posting here every week is crossing the line to becoming spam. You can ask people to subscribe to your announcements if they are interested.