Sun 9 Nov 2014


Gary Pinsky Public Seen by 277

There is so much power tied up in military that I believe this concept would require globalizing that as well. Not just a UN to provide approval for actions or pressure to stop. Shared resources, technology and unified decision making. To be truly democratic, groups with power are going to need to give up being able to bully their way to what they want. Tough sell to the power elite and will take a hell of a coordinated effort by those seeking change.


Noah Skocilich Sat 10 Oct 2015

I think this is a good example of something where people just have to band together and INSIST that war no longer be used as a matter of policy, and that spending on all forms of military equipment and so forth be reduced dramatically.


Barnaby Flynn Mon 12 Oct 2015

We will be discussing and voting on a “World Without War” global policy at the Real Global Democracy Demo. It has three parts.
1. Arms Reduction and banning All WMD,
2. A Compulsory International Alternative Dispute Resolution System via the International Court of Justice. 3. An increased role of the United Nations Peace Force.