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7/14-16/20: Two virtual events: New Housing Solutions & MIT World RE Forum

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Two world-class real estate events online this week, the first is focused on housing and is FREE, the second event at MIT serves an institutional/commercial audience but addresses housing, cities and more!

7/14-16/20: New Housing Solutions LIVE

Innovations in Affordability, Community, and Health

After NewCities canceled events in Dallas & Vancouver, they're going LIVE online, "as the pandemic has only further uncovered the challenges we face, we think it is absolutely essential to rethink housing and develop and implement innovations in affordability, community, and health by spreading the word about how cities, business leaders, non-profit and community-based organizations, and cutting edge researchers are devising innovative solutions."

Online attendance at this event is FREE, so listing first!


7/14-16/20: MIT World Real Estate Forum

Day one is SOLD out but there are still tickets for Day 2 & 3, agendas for shown below, are split into morning & evening sessions to make attendance easier around the globe:

Day 2 Session highlights:

Real Estate Meets Innovation: The Future of Real Estate is Unrecognizable

My New Colleague is a Robot: Automation in Real Estate is Getting Real

The COVID Effect: How Housing Will Evolve in Response to the Pandemic


Day 3 Session highlights:

Parallel Worlds: How the Video Gaming Industry Reimagines Real Estate

Real Estate's New Reality: AR, VR, and Digital Twin


Finally, there's an even broader cross-sector conversation taking place online from another MIT spin-off, #GAIAjourney which hosted it's global forum over the weekend. Trying to seed a real estate hub there, and invite others to participate:



Bill Wendel Mon 13 Jul

Good news, the organizer wrote: "Day One is not sold out, you can still register for the three-day pass using either of the remaining orange buttons. You’ll get a confirmation from Eventbrite, and then another one from Zoom with the links to join on each day."


Bill Wendel Mon 13 Jul

More good news. One of #RE2020's friends, @Kevin Saba, has invited us to preview of a housing prototype he's developing. That inspired this invitation on #BosRETech MeetUp:

Greetings, fellow real estate innovators. Planting seeds of disruption or something equally transforming during the Covid-19 timeout? If so, two world-class real estate events online this week may help you realize your Isaac Newton dreams. The first focuses on housing and is FREE, the second event at MIT serves an institutional / commercial audience but addresses housing, cities and more!

For real estate consumer advocates, some of the #REtech is new but the mission -- money-saving industry reform -- is long overdue. Why has the real estate ecosystem been so resistant to change? Will the pandemic become a reset button that marks a generational tipping point or merely a pause before we return to "normal." Some would say that Covid-19 is exposing what's abnormal.

What's your take?

For more details and links, see #BosRETech MeetUp:



Bill Wendel Tue 14 Jul

Did anyone listen to the morning panels at the MIT World Real Estate Forum? Submitted a question about the future of #HousingID's but the moderator did not pick it up, so invite feedback here:

"A recent survey revealed that 47% of homeowners have thought about selling because of that pandemic.  One might argue not about physical health but the kind of inner hunger that Joe Coughlin spoke about — boomers want purpose, still want to follow their bliss — particularly those who are bored to death.  Use that phrase deliberately because covid is revealing the scale of those who don’t feel at home or fully alive where they live. 

Each of us now has a digital footprint — Are any new apps coming that help anyone to use their PERSONAL DATA to say, “If you moved here, you would feel more alive?”


Bill Wendel Tue 14 Jul

MIT agenda restarts this evening and NewCities kicks off their opening session at 11am:



Bill Wendel Tue 14 Jul

NewCities just shared this quick reminder of their FREE schedule for the day:

- 11:00 - 12:00pm EDT: Opening Panel: Rethinking Health and Homes After Coronavirus 

- 12:00 - 12:55pm: Spotlight on Texas: New Approaches to America’s Housing Crisis

- 1:00 - 1:45pm: Networking Room: Brave New Home with Diana Lind 

- 1:45 - 2:15pm: Fireside Chat: What’s the Matter with California?

- 2:15 - 3:30pm: Stream The Pruitt Igoe Myth!

- After Hours: 5:30 - 7:30pm: McMansion Hell LIVE



Bill Wendel Tue 14 Jul

@Kevin Session just started: Fireside Chat: What’s the Matter with California?



Bill Wendel Wed 15 Jul

Fire hose of content this morning from MITworldREForum is wrapping up, and NewCities session starting momentarily. Attend for FREE online:

Panel: Millennials’ Missing Middle


Bill Wendel Wed 15 Jul

We're at the midpoint of three days of RETech, and next up, another FREE session from the NewCities #HousingLIVE conference:

Panel: New Forms, New Functions, New Options: How Technology Enables New Models For Housing



Bill Wendel Thu 16 Jul

#RE2020:  Want to catch up with megatrends in real estate in a single day?  Find a place to jump online intermittently throughout the day and attend events from multiple sources.  Share this link with colleagues: