November 7th, 2016 19:49

Platform Co-op Conference

John Gieryn
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A thread to discuss plans to meet up and do stuff together at the Platform Co-op Conference.

I was thinking about proposing a session at the Unconference called "#BuyTwitter Comprehensive Campaign Strategizing", both to share the comprehensive campaign strategizing methodology I learned through my experiences in the WI Uprising (working with the Student Labor Action Coalition, a partner of USAS), as well as to get some collective intelligence and wisdom on the efforts at hand.

Would anybody be interested on collaborating on this with me? Anybody want to meet up, regardless?

For those who are unaware, here's the conference deets

Sam Toland

Sam Toland November 8th, 2016 14:57

@coopchange I'll be there this weekend, and can be of assistance on the day - though am unable to help with any preparations.


Tom McDonough November 8th, 2016 17:58

I'll be in NYC on Saturday (Nov 12). Not attending the conference, though.
Happy to meet up with you during the day near the conference.

John Gieryn

John Gieryn November 8th, 2016 18:13

I'll Direct Message ya both on slack; thanks!

John Gieryn

John Gieryn November 14th, 2016 17:00

Here's the results of the Unconference strategy session:
Comprehensive Campaign Strategizing Chart ←feel free to add to this, comment, but please don't delete additions at this point. I made a pdf version for those who attended but aren't participating.
@ntnsndr @samtoland @tommcdonough @matthewcropp @ronpatiro (do any of you remember the gent who was stack-keeping so kindly? from Consensys? I think he's in Slack or Loomio here; i'll peek around later)

Sam Toland

Sam Toland November 18th, 2016 01:17

Ron Patiro - don't know his slack though. ;)

John Gieryn

John Gieryn November 18th, 2016 01:26

eh, tagging never works by editing; @ronpatiro you probs already saw the e-mail I sent with the strategy chart, but in case not, see ↑