November 7th, 2018 18:20

[newsletter] Make your own election-list

Ilja Baert
Ilja Baert Public Seen by 192

It's that time again. 2019-05-26 there are elections. This time it's for
* Regional
* Federal
* Europe

I feel that we see more and more people engaging in civic initiatives, or at least see the value of them. These are people who want to make a difference in a way that we as pirates should support. The pirate party believes that one way to actually make a change in politics is to be part of the political landscape. Making sure that these people can be part of the political spectrum as well, can be a step in the direction of having a better (or real) democracy independent of the flag they work under.

Making your own list is a chore. There's a ton of things to consider, a bunch of bureaucracy to get past... I think it would be good to have an article where we can explain in human language what the things are you need to consider when making a list. This can be a good tool for ourself to use, but also to help people who want to help the pirate party understand what's needed to do this and how they can help, and it can even be helpfull for people who want to make their own list on their own initiative!

My problem is that I don't have the experience in making a list + I don't really know where to start when writing an article + I'd like to know what other think about this idea.

So, what do y'all think and who wants to help write this ^

tl;dr: I like to have an article explaining what needs to be done to have an electionlist. This should be general enough so that non-PP lists can use it as well, but specific enough that it can be used as a resource and I need help writing it.

(P.S. I was thinking of bringen this idea to the next pirate lab as well)

Sources that can be used

I made an Article: Make your own election-list section on the pad

Jan Van Opstal

Jan Van Opstal November 11th, 2018 11:36

Why not looking for bringing all this small groups together for the coming elections. Union creates strength? Start to communicate with all this initiatives and try to join them under one theme: Direct Democracy" ?

Ilja Baert

Ilja Baert November 11th, 2018 12:27

Those groups are either non-existing yet, or just figuring out themself how and what. Initiatives need to grow and find there own way first IMO. There's no need to forcebly try to join on one list/item...

Once groups are getting in each other's way for autographs, or once there's a change of getting above 5% votes there could be an advantage in grouping togheter, but this is not the case ATM.

I also do not believe in the _ Union creates strength_ motto. It is certainly true in some cases, but forcing people or groups together can also bring friction which will have the opposite effect. Now don't get me wrong, coöperation should always be a goal and what I'm proposing here is partly a step in that direction. But coöperation shouldn't necessarily imply grouping togheter.


koen_v November 12th, 2018 10:40

It’s also about how you get unity. The followers of Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi were united, and, hence, accomplished a lot. They were not united because someone forced them to, but because they had their noses, voluntary, pointed in one direction.
Also, beware of the contrary: adversaries who are glad when accomplishing ‘divide et impera’ (divide and rule) – a strategy of, amongst others, Julius Caesar, who overcame many divided peoples, and killed enormous amounts of them.

Jan Van Opstal

Jan Van Opstal November 12th, 2018 10:55

"own way first IMO" IMO stands for?

My proposal is not about using force. It is about using common sense and understanding that joining separate groups can result in breaking the 5% barrier. How many Pirates are interested in public office? Of course around a common goal such as DD. It also about building our relationships with the community.

Jan Van Opstal

Jan Van Opstal November 12th, 2018 10:58

Let's see people and see who cares?


koen_v November 12th, 2018 12:09

African proverb, a favorite of mine:
If you want to go fast, go alone;
If you want to go far, go together.

Ilja Baert

Ilja Baert November 12th, 2018 17:02

IMO => in my opinion

We're kinda drifting away from the original proposal btw. I have nothing against contacting other people and see what can be done togheter (or wathever you want to do), but that's not what my proposal is about. That should be done in another (maybe new) topic.