October 30th, 2016 23:50

Getting Slack and Trello integrated into our Loomio processes

John Rhoads
John Rhoads Public Seen by 369

Right now I am seeing the need to message people directly within this platform which means we need to get Slack implemented ASAP. At the moment, the only way to talk to any one person directly is to post in a thread and feel that is not going to work. I will move for this since our subscription level on Loomio includes Slack integration and from my tests works awesome. As for decision prioritization I have started already looking into Trello and it too seems to be what we need. If you all get time, look into Slack and Trello. We can start with these tools and if other "working" "vetted" tools are available that make more sense, we can cross that bridge then.

John Rhoads

John Rhoads started a proposal October 31st, 2016 00:01

Get Slack and Trello up an running to complete our suite of tools Closed 11:01pm - Sunday 6 Nov 2016

I move to get Slack and Trello implemented to complete the basic tools we need for IM communications and decision prioritization respectively. Slack is already an integrated feature of our Loomio subscription and just needs to be implemented. Trello is also a well seasoned tool that has a large user base and like their pitch goes - "Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding way."

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John Rhoads

John Rhoads
October 31st, 2016 00:02


Kayla Jones
October 31st, 2016 00:41

William Beard

William Beard
October 31st, 2016 00:49

I use both Slack and Trello in my own business and they are great! As I'm learning Loomio it's great to know they can integrate.

Also, hopefully slack will help with more of a sense of active dialog.

William Beard

William Beard October 31st, 2016 01:31

Wanted to say a bit more about Slack & a more active dialog, and learned the vote comment box has a limit ; )

I'm sure we all have a lot competing for our time to participate here. I find I do, even as important as I believe this conversation and work are.

In my email updates, the dialog has seemed fairly 'one sided' with a few participants clearly the most active. That's not a complaint, just an acknowledgement.. I believe that Slack has the potential to inspire more dialog. In another group one thing that's really helped that is having a thread for more casual banter. It's attractive to have a fun social atmosphere and get good work done. ; ) A great benefit of WSDE's.

Using Trello and some prioritizing would really help clarify where to start. Could see both groups and individuals choosing what's important to them. I'd also like to discuss perhaps having some groups or teams around topics that could then discuss, research etc. and then share with the larger group. So we can benefit from each others precious time. Personally I'm also more accountable and involved when I have a group I'm working with.

Thank you to anyone who spends their time reading this, and sharing some thoughts on how we can get things done and the tools we use.

Matt   Grantham

Matt Grantham
October 31st, 2016 01:53

I have reservations about being involved with proposal based formats though I see that is one of the basic features of Loomio so I am game for the ride

David Brinovec

David Brinovec
October 31st, 2016 11:42


October 31st, 2016 12:14

These other tools are good too. I use a lot. Though they do not have auto decision prioritization, they can help show in time that it is something that is missing and needed.

David Brinovec

David Brinovec October 31st, 2016 13:55

I don't understand what auto decision prioritization is.


Joe October 31st, 2016 18:03

There's a quantitative way to combine prioritized list items much the same way there's a way to find the average of a different set of numbers. The resultant is not the right list or the best list. It is simple the representative list of all the participants who engaged to prioritizing the list items. This can easily be extended to being the POV of the entire group as one single entity.

It's automatic because no person need make any judgement calls. The algorithm looks only at position each person placed a specific item in to produce the rep list.

Not only is the rep list important to give the group a single voice, but it establishes what is most important from the group POV.

You pointed out elsewhere that people will do what they want independent of what such a list speaks for the group. This tool also automatically can tell you which other person(s) rank-ordered items most like you did. So you can learn who you might be most effective working with as a next step.

Every participant is happy with their own list vs. having to accept someone else's list. The one group list just tells the story of the group as one. But when there's disagreement it is there as a great reference for the work to make cooperative decisions without the need for leadership.

And again, you can actually see part of this tool work, if you only go to this link, create an account and rank-order the set of items in the demo list.


[This is my private work place to demo solutions. I do not gather emails and bug anyone who creates an account. The list you see when you first land here is the automatic combined list of all who have played around with the demo. It has no real meaning because it has no real context - other than what you read into itself. But the list of items can be anything any group wants. And any number of persons can participate - each with perfect equality to impact the one list.]