Mon 27 Nov 2017

Research group discussion meetings

Sabine Lengger Public Seen by 410

I am planning to give short presentations / hold discussion groups at both Plymouth and Bristol. I was wondering how everyone would think about that, and if we should co-create a presentation that we keep updated, to use, for all of us.


Tom Narock Mon 27 Nov 2017

Hi Sabine. Have you seen the joint presentation at https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1DU6W83_cyE43vd1n_5NJ5yBUYXHdrGQThD2iJ1tSgwE/edit#slide=id.g2826d0643d_1_24 Feel free to reuse it if you find it useful. I am also maintaining a resources page at https://eartharxiv.github.io/resources.html I really like the idea of co-created presentations and sharing what we each have found to be successful. If you'd like to share any of the materials you come up with, please let me know and I'll consolidate them on our website.


Sabine Lengger Mon 27 Nov 2017

Hi Tom, That's brilliant, thanks. I remember now that I have seen this before, it just slipped my mind. I will edit and share my version in due course.

What I thought might be nice is to have a "team created" presentation document that a team of us maintains. Is there a platform that allows something like this (can Authorea do that? Google Docs?).


Christopher Jackson Mon 27 Nov 2017

Google Docs would be easiest for idiots like me to use! A common resource, maybe 5 slides max long, would work. I tried to trim the message down to 5 slides, but found it tricky. Maybe you could have a go and circulate for comments? Thanks Sabine!


Alfonso Tue 28 Nov 2017

From my experience in a talk about EarthArXiv in Punta Arenas (Chile) last week, the presentation already prepared works well. However, as questions and comments from the crowd rise during the talk, I believe we should work on perfecting it by including some answers or actions we have taken in order to improve the system. For example, people in Punta Arenas were not fully aware of what a preprint is, and I had a lot of questions about journal policies regarding "accepting papers for review" in traditional journals when the report is already in a preprint server. They were also fairly emphatic in casting the fact that at least in Latin America and (likely) Asia, national funding agencies tend to copy what US-NSF/NASA/NOAA do; so they expressed concerns in embracing preprint servers before these agencies find them formally valuable for the application to grants and promotion. So perhaps new “editions” of the EarthArXiv presentation can include slides showing what we have to say/do regarding issues like these.

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Sabine Lengger Wed 13 Dec 2017

On that note, just wondering if there is a good example preprint that has some comments as I would like to show how the process works in practice?


Christopher Jackson Thu 14 Dec 2017

Hi Sabine. At present, directly commenting on EarthArXiv material is not possible, although integration with 'Hypothesis' is on the roadmap. There's another, somewhere protracted, spicy, interesting thread somewhere about the pros and cons of commenting...From my personal experience, I've simply printed and commented on papers I've liked, and sent the comments to the authors.


Sabine Lengger Fri 15 Dec 2017

Hi Chris,
Ah, I didn't realise that a commenting function has not been activated at all yet - I thought we were just discussing the pros and cons of anonymity. Thanks! :slight_smile: