December 13th, 2018 18:28

Daily-Weekly Digest

Marko Prljic
Marko Prljic Public Seen by 134

A place to paste daily links and quick thoughts on some topics that caught our attention. Anything from your field of interest. This way we'll be able to quickly download each other and see where everyone's at.
We could eventually create a weekly roundup in a form of a newsletter and send out here and share on SM.

Marko Prljic

Marko Prljic December 13th, 2018 18:31

I usually come across many articles and news from various media outlets and communities I'm member of. I also receive many newsletters and find some articles interesting, saving them for later or organise under my bookmarks.
I'd love to see where your eyes and brain is daily or weekly. I wanted this to become my routine to have a place where I can paste all the good stuff and can share with others.

Was thinking to open a doc in hacker.md or even maybe git repo and push daily.

Josh Fairhead

Josh Fairhead December 16th, 2018 19:26

From that Open collective discussion on Conflux you sent:

Josh Fairhead

Josh Fairhead December 18th, 2018 16:48

Join the Rchain co-op: https://www.rchain.coop/community

Josh Fairhead

Josh Fairhead December 25th, 2018 01:06

@michaelshea You shared this with me last convo we had which is a nice link: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/612588/its-time-for-a-bill-of-data-rights/ So your fiduciary style idea is the box to run the algos in?

Josh Fairhead

Josh Fairhead December 31st, 2018 21:15

I think Marko posted this in another spot. Relevant discussion: https://forum.aragon.org/t/community-initiative-aragon-cooperative/356/4