Thu 22 Jul 2021

Academic researcher wants to speak to worker co-operators

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I've just participated in an interview (less than one hour) about the social and political implications of worker co-ops and the researcher is keen to speak to more members of worker co-ops. If you're interested contact Katharine.Clifford@kingston.ac.uk
Text from the initial invite and attachment attached

"I am a research assistant (Kingston University), working with Dr Emma O’Dwyer, who is currently conducting a Key Informant Study looking atthe social and political implications of worker cooperative.  I would like to invite you to participate in the Key Informant study and would greatly appreciate your expertise and knowledge in this regard. The study involves an hour of your time (online interview). 
Attached, please find the information sheet explaining the research further.

Katharine Clifford, Research assistant

Faculty of Business and Social Sciences

Kingston University


bob cannell Thu 22 Jul 2021

Katharine is looking for another three worker coop members. Its a very open and easy set of questions. Fun, if you care about the socio political aspects of worker coops. I enjoyed the opportunity to talk aboutmy experience and what effect I sawonmyself and other people from being a worker coop worker.